The 26 Pieces on Our Editors' Holiday Packing Lists Are Just a Click Away

Holiday Vacation Packing List

Holiday packing list? What holiday packing list? If you’re anything like me, you normally wait till the night before a big trip to even start thinking about what you might want to stuff—I mean, elegantly fold—into your carry-on. Then the next morning, you wake up feeling a bit like Home Alone’s Kevin McCallister when you realize you’ve overslept and still haven’t rounded up all of your essentials. Not this year, though. In preparation for my next winter flight (that I’m definitely not going to be late for), I’ve turned to Amazon Fashion for all of my holiday packing essentials, from the perfect pair of cow-print clogs to the chunky ’90s cardigan of my riot grrrl dreams. Add these picks to your cart now, and you’ll be one click away from being fully packed and ready for whatever your vacation has in store for you, whether that’s stomping around the mall with your high-school friends (bless) or bringing a plus-one to your slightly more grown-up office holiday party.