12 Editor-Approved Holiday Gift Ideas That I Can Only Describe as Luxe

Fendi holiday

After a nearly year without indulging in any of my favorite luxuries—travel, shows, or nights out on the town with friends—I'm in the mood to splurge a little. The holiday season tends to bring out the giving spirit in me, and this year, I'm feeling extra generous when it comes to gifting (and extra grateful to be in a position to do so). This goes both for treating myself to a little something luxe and the most special people in my life.

If you're also feeling a little indulgent, then may I direct your attention to Fendi. The luxury brand has so many great accessories at the moment, both timeless and trendy options alike, that anyone (including yourself) would love to receive this year. My fellow Who What Wear editors agree that it doesn't get much better than unwrapping something from Fendi, and we're all sharing our top picks to provide some gifting inspiration. I can promise one thing and it's that it will be a challenge not to keep these items all for yourself.


"I’ve always been a sucker for a good pajama set, but since I’ve been working from home, my love for them has only grown. (Who actually gets themselves to wear a pair of jeans these days?) That’s why I’m looking to treat myself to an elevated silky set. I’m obsessed with the color of these—pale pink and black piping is as classic as it gets."


"This year has been challenging for so many people, which is exactly why I want to get something extra special for my best friend. We’ve been friends for years and have gotten piercings together, so it only makes sense for me to get her these sparkly studs. They would layer perfectly with all of her other earrings, too."


"If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: I am very much here for Fendi’s charms. This little guy will be tasked with jazzing up my loungewear-dominated looks this winter just enough to convince people I still work in fashion. It's good as a key chain, but I would argue even better when clipped onto handbags, totebags, the belt loop of your jeans, whatever your outfit du jour has on offer."


"My sister is a very picky shopper who lives an extremely curated life, so I don’t buy her anything lightly. Really nice bottles of wine, restaurant gift cards, and stylish (but not too trendy) accessories are the safe zone. This ultra-soft scarf is just the right balance of modern and elevated and is basically the big hug I can’t give her from the other side of the world."


"I mean, is there ever a bad time to get yourself a new pair of shoes? I’m honestly just using the holidays as an excuse to super-splurge on this pair. But hey, you can’t blame me. They’re so chic, and I’ll wear them forever."


"My dad always enlists my help when it comes to holiday shopping for my mom. This year, he, my brother, and I are all going in together on this bag for her. Plus, it's pink, which is her favorite color!"


"It's no secret to anyone who knows me, but I have a thing for purses. I truly always have a new bag on the top of my wish list, and while my wardrobe consists mostly of neutrals, I don't shy away from a pop of color when it comes to my accessories. That's why I'm looking to treat myself this holiday season to this pretty little baguette bag. I love the logo treatment, the contrast between the pink and black hues, and the fact that the strap makes it incredibly wearable."


"My cousin is like a sister to me and definitely shares my love of accessories. I hate to admit it, but if you look through our direct messages, it's mostly both of us sharing photos of all the bags we love. I think she would adore this cute bucket bag, and I can already imagine all the endless ways she could wear it with what's already in her closet."


"I've worn more loungewear the past several months than I have in my entire life, so that's pretty much all I'm investing in at the moment. This comfortable yet elevated Fendi windbreaker is at the top of my wishlist now that it's winter. I plan to wear it every single day on my early morning walks but will also style it with jeans and lug sole boots when I eventually feel like getting properly dressed. Did I mention it's reversible?"


"My stepmom has helped me so much this year, from coordinating my move across the country to giving me virtual cooking lessons, so I really want to do something big for her. I don't know if it's just a mom thing, but she carries around a million items in her bag even when she's just going to the dog park or a drive-thru coffee shop. Business cards, dog treats, pens, magazines, makeup—it's all in there—so she'll love this very roomy, very chic tote that will comfortably fit all her stuff."


"It has been a minute since I last treated myself to a new bag, and frankly, I think I deserve this one after being so economical recently. Because I'm so prone to cluttering up my bags, I love that this dainty lady will force me to limit myself to my phone, wallet, and keys… Oh, and a stash of masks, too. I always gravitate toward crossbody bags, and the chain on this one is sure to elevate whatever outfit I pair it with. She's subtle; she's elegant; she's the upgrade I need."


"Well, when I say this is a gift for my best friend, I really mean it's for my best friend and her fiancé because those two are always dipping into each other's sneaker collections. I know they both will pair these with trendy sportswear, but my BFF will style them into a fully accessorized high-femme outfit and her fiancé will keep things much more laid back: oversize hoodie, joggers, maybe a beanie. This will be the gift that keeps on giving."