Our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide Is Officially Here

Holiday Gift Guide



It’s common knowledge that people procrastinate the most when they don’t know where to start. This all begins to feel particularly pertinent come holiday season, when you have a list of friends and family to cop presents for, with no particular clue about what their hearts desire this year. And we all know what happens when you put off holiday gift shopping until the last minute, the oh-so-thoughtful gift card, the re-gift of a just slightly used cashmere scarf, or a forsaken fruitcake. Don’t be that person; we’re here to help. Enter our marvelous holiday gift guide.

You may be wondering what makes it so particularly special? We’ve selected gifts that are bound to be loved. You could call them universal crowd-pleasers. In theory, you could close your eyes and pick a gift on this list, with guaranteed recipient satisfaction. It’s that idiot-proof. We’ve got the wine that has a cult following, a breathtaking advent calendar with 24 mini gifts inside (who doesn’t love mini gifts?!), and the one present anyone who adores sleep (aka everyone) will cherish, plus so much more. You know that smug feeling when everyone around you is tardy to the holiday-shopping party, and you’ve already wrapped your gifts? Priceless. So go ahead, chase that pompous pleasure by scrolling through our holiday gift guide.


This wine is a major crowd-pleaser, so grab a few bottles to have on hand this holiday season and don't look back. 

Solid gold for $290. A personalized heirloom for $290. You really can't go wrong here.

This retro-inspired mini tote is just darling. May we suggest packing a bonus gift inside? Perhaps her favorite lipstick or a small mirror. 

Cozy has never looked better. Good luck checking out without matching pants. 

Make bathing a sensory experience with this cult-favorite "cleansing slab." Soap will never be the same again.

This blanket is an all-season workhorse. Beach blanket, couch throw, bedding layer. This little cotton wonder does it all. 

The mix of quilted satin and cozy fleece will lend an edge to any outerwear game. Extra bonus? It looks way more expensive than it is.

There's something really decadent about a double set of serum. Next thing you know, we'll be noticing our aging elbows and be dabbing it on there.  

Here's a fabulous idea: Get her a NYE look that will go down in history as the coolest night of her life. The brand is also sustainable and ethical—as if you needed more convincing.

Braddock Blue Stripe Boxer Shorts ($55)

For an extra touch, may we recommend getting a cheeky statement embroidered on the pocket? Or, play it safe with initials, who are we to judge?

This L.A. brand makes straight up gorgeous jewelry. Get on her good list for life with this eco-friendly necklace.

A monthly package of artisanal products sourced from around the world? Don't mind if we do. It's like traveling sans the exhausting flights. 

A classic star setting just got a little edgier on this snake ring. This is the kind of piece she'll pass down as a family heirloom.

You know you've reached the height of luxury when you have a gorgeous pink case just for traveling with your perfumes. Get the monogram too for extra bonus points.

Haven't you heard? Checkerboard is the new leopard print. We can't think of a better way to cop the look than with these sweet sneakers.

Marysia Bumby Tarpum Bay Mailot ($90)

Show us a mom who thinks she's not into mommy-and-me dressing, and we'll kindly show her this adorable Marysia set. Nay-sayers, you've met your match.

When the logo lifestyle calls, make sure to answer with the purse shoulder strap to end all purse shoulder straps. 

Our first love is Ellery's clothing, but there's a new girl in town and she's looking mighty shiny. Snag these earrings while they're still in stock.

Sustainable clothing just keeps getting better, doesn't it? This cozy two-tone coat was made for the laid-back, yet stylish lady in your life. 

It's Dior Christmastime, haven't you heard? Behind the gorgeous illustrations of this advent calendar lays 24 petite surprises. Oh, the anticipation.

For the girl that takes sleep seriously. AKA everyone. 

Get comfy, and look good doing it. Name anyone on the planet that isn't interested in that. 

Call off the search, the perfect scarf is right here. This is the kind of print that you'll wear for decades to come.

When the worlds of home design and fashion design collide, you get this beautiful book. It's sure to be a coffee table hero piece for years to come.

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