It's Time to Get Away—Here's What We're Packing for Our Dream Holiday Vacations
It's Time to Get Away—Here's What We're Packing for Our Dream Holiday Vacations

It's Time to Get Away—Here's What We're Packing for Our Dream Holiday Vacations

The holidays, though wonderful, are a busy time of year both in my personal life and my professional life. Between working longer hours, shopping for gifts, and driving everywhere to see family, this time of year can get a little overwhelming. On a recent fashion-website deep dive (aka my daily routine), I discovered Versace's latest collection of extremely chic sunglasses. The assortment of frames with chain-link details and unique shapes swirled in my mind and got me thinking: It's time to plan a getaway. I'd love nothing more than to go somewhere to get away from all the craziness and debut some cool shades. It doesn't matter if that place is a sunny beach, a mountain top, or a bustling city. (I'm not picky!) I just need to spend some time somewhere outside of my four apartment walls.

When I showed my co-workers the collection, they immediately had the same thought. We all started talking about our dream holiday vacations and what we'd bring along with us. First up on our packing list? These ultra-luxe sunnies. Keep scrolling to see three of the places we're dreaming of jetting off to (and if we're lucky, actually jetting off to) and which sunglasses we're toting in our bags.

"Over the last two years, I've dreamt about jetting off in luxury to a special place like Italy, and it's finally going to be a reality at the end of the year. Naturally, I'm already thinking about what I'm packing—a mix of bold statement pieces, on-trend staples, and luxury accessories, like these sunglasses that'll make me feel invincible. The chain-like detail on the side mixed with pops of gold feels very luxurious and very Italian." — Caitie Schlisserman, Beauty Director, Branded Content

"I'm very much a novice skier and wouldn't dare to suggest otherwise, but my dream winter vacation involves practicing my skills in Aspen. My best friend recently moved to Colorado, so I've got a girls trip in the works whether she likes it or not. I may be the worst skier on the mountain, but I will by no means be the worst dressed, especially when it comes to aprés ski festivities (aka the best part of the day). My look will definitely involve some fun accessories like chunky boots (worn with cozy socks underneath, of course) and sunglasses that feel just a bit dramatic (because hello, Aspen). It can be super sunny on the mountain, so I suspect this geometric olive pair will get plenty of use on my trip." — Michaela Bushkin, Senior Fashion Editor, Branded Content

"Living in New York means that I truly never stop dreaming about heading back to my two other homes, Auckland and Sydney, for a balmy summer, and I'm finally going home again this holiday season. Call me rude, but the opposite seasons make my trip even sweeter. I get to torture you all by sharing photos of myself wearing breezy outfits at cute little wine bars by the beach while you're freezing your lug-sole loafers off in the northern hemisphere. The '90s-inspired summer fashion from back home really is my truest style in a nutshell, so you may need to mentally prepare yourself for a December of seeing me decked out in statement sunnies, vintage-inspired gold jewelry, and one-piece swimsuits on repeat." — Natalie Cantell, Senior Director, Branded Content

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