15 Cocktail Outfits That Will Stand Out This Holiday Season

The holiday season is for family, tradition, and reflection, but we'll also argue that it's the time of year for bringing out full looks. Whether you want to dial up the glamour to 10 or simply elevate some of your daily staples, it's the perfect season to get creative with your style. Yes, the weather could present a challenge, seeing as you'll want to lean toward comfort during all that family time at home, but there are still so many ways to make your holiday cocktail attire creatively stand out, no matter what.

From bold-colored tights paired with classic LBDs to sequin slip-on dresses paired with your most lavish faux-fur coats, find a handful of outfits ahead that will make you want to start planning your looks ASAP. You'll be thankful you did once December rolls around.

Red and pink is our current favorite color combo.

Keep warm in your LBD by taking your trusty trench coat with you.

Make your LBD stand out with a pair of sultry red tights.

You can never go wrong with florals.

Or a silky, pajama-esque set.

Elevate your maxi dress by trying out a big, printed belt. 

Or pare back your cocktail dress by styling it with black booties. 

White boots make a strong statement even when it comes to cocktail attire.

One hundred percent party-approved.

So chic! 

Is it really the holidays if you don't wear velvet?

Leather dresses are a must. 

A dress with an asymmetric top makes it all the more interesting without much effort.

Top off your look with a classic blazer. 

Now don't forget to RSVP to those parties.