12 Seriously Good Holiday Beauty Gifts Under $100

The best holiday beauty gifts

There are two types of people in this world: those who procrastinate and those who are proactive. I generally consider myself to be of the latter group; that is until I realized it's December, and I've done zero holiday shopping. Nada, zilch. Before going into full panic mode and buying the same generic something for everyone on my list, my co-workers reminded me that beauty products—from makeup and skincare to nail sets—make the perfect gift.

Think about it: This time of year there are tons of limited-edition sets, extra-special packaging, and mini versions of just about everything. And who can actually resist a pint-sized product? Arguably the best reason to gift beauty products is that you can curate a gift set that's totally unique to each recipient's taste. Whether you have a nail-loving best friend or mom in need of an at-home facial, Ulta Beauty and team Who What Wear has you covered. Keep scrolling for 12 seriously good holiday beauty gifts that can be gifted alone or together for under $100.

Gift Pairing #1: For the Spa Lover

Natalia Sztyk's holiday beauty gifts

If you miss going to a spa, I am right there with you. That's why I've been bringing the spa to my home! I’ve used the Frank Body original coffee scrub for a few years now, and all I want now is this scrub set. Not only does it include the original, but it has three other scents as well: coconut, cacao, and peppermint, all of them just begging to transport you to that tropical vacation we all wish we were going on. So if you have that person in your life who misses traveling/and or going to the spa, this set is for them!

This year, my face has been on a rollercoaster. I don’t put on makeup anymore, constantly forget sunscreen, and wear irritating face masks whenever I step outside. So my skin, and probably everyone else's, needs special attention on different areas of the face. I love that this set has five different masks that target all of our 2020 skin issues! Putting on a couple of these face masks while taking a hot bath, sipping some tea, and reading a good book sounds like the best way to relax this season. Who wouldn’t want that?

There is nothing better to me than slathering moisturizer all over my body. I’ve been doing it every day of my life for at least 15 years now. In the last few years, I’ve been much more conscious about what kind of lotion I use and prefer more natural ones. This one from Hempz is my ideal: Not only does it have safe ingredients, but it also has refreshing eucalyptus and tea tree oil. Oh, and did I mention this set comes with a lip balm? I am notorious for having three different lip balms with me at all times. If you know someone like that, this is the perfect gift!

Gift Pairing #2: For the Skincare Obsessed

Kia Topps's holiday beauty gifts

Knowing that my skin can always use a little TLC during the winter months, it's safe to assume that a lot of my friends and family members' skin do, too. That's why I'm focusing my gifting this year on skincare, like this set. Everyone can always use more face wash, and the fact that this one is sativa-based makes it especially perfect for one of my sisters.

As I said before, I love a good set, especially if it leaves my skin with a dewy glow. This set is perfect for anyone into serums, moisturizers, lip masks, or all three (like me). My lips tend to start cracking during the winter, so I love that this comes with the best lip mask that’ll leave your lips so smooth and perfectly set for that under-the-mistletoe action. (Some of us will just be kissing our dog, but that's okay, too!)

A skin routine isn't complete without a mist! These are great for a midday skin pick-me-up—not just to freshen things up but also because the scents are calming. I plan to split up these mists and use them as stocking stuffers for multiple people on my list.

Gift Pairing #3: For the Nail Lover

Aralyn Beaumont's holiday beauty gifts

With all the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, nail salons were just one of many places we had to adjust to living without. Some of us learned how to give ourselves manicures and pedicures and even enjoyed it. Though it's now possible to get a professional manicure again, I still think it's really nice to turn on a feel-good movie, let a face mask soak in, and hunker down with a nailcare kit. This one from OPI is the perfect place to begin.

Speaking of putting on a movie and pampering yourself, foot masks are without a doubt one of the best ways to do this with, arguably, the longest-lasting results. When you gift this pedicure-in-a-box trio to your bestie, mom, or whomever, write them a cute little card with instructions to do this mask one night and then follow with the nail boot camp and lacquer another night. And then wait—not for the immediate thank you or even the "that was so relaxing!" within a matter of days—I mean wait about a week for the texts when your gift recipient's feet start to peel like mad. They'll be horrified at first, but I promise they'll be thanking you later.

There's no better way to round out a nailcare gift bundle than with an assortment of winter-appropriate nail polishes. OPI's nail lacquers are some of the best you can come by, and this section of colors has something for everyone: rich navy and wine for your classic friends and iridescent, bright pearls and pinks for the loudest ladies you know. Honestly, each one of these shades fits all the various outfits and moods I have planned for the season, so I may even gift myself one, too.

Gift Pairing #4: For the Makeup Fan

Anna Dominguez's holiday beauty gifts

Since we have to wear masks everywhere, my friends and I are all about eye makeup. And come on, there’s no denying that this palette is what winter dreams are made of. The colors are so good.

I really don’t think any look is complete without a touch of mascara, so this little duo is a must. Plus, the price tag won't break that holiday-gift budget.

And to officially complete the ultimate eye set: A brush kit that really does it all. The makeup lover on your list will thank you.