This H&M Section is a Gold Mine For Expensive-Looking Pieces

The other day I was looking through my H&M order history to jog my memory when a friend asked me for the link to a sweater I was wearing. As I went through my past purchases which include lots of the retailer's epic sweaters and highly-useful basics, I noticed a theme throughout most of what I've ordered from there in the past: I've sourced many of my favorite H&M buys from their Premium Quality section.

Why is this significant? Well, because as a fashion editor (and a shopper with pretty expensive taste, I might add), I have an eye for pieces that look more elevated than their price tags suggest. And this H&M section is low-key a goldmine for these types of pieces that are timeless, elevated, and most importantly, of the highest quality that the brand offers. Trust me when I say that the way these pieces look and feel competes with some of the designer labels in my closet.

Obviously, I couldn't keep this section all to myself which is why I'm highlighting all my favorites from this section right now. Scroll through to find your next high-quality buy.

Nope, not all cardigans are made equal. The pearlescent buttons on this one make it look so elevated.

You'll always look polished in this timeless coat.

A house dress you can easily wear out with a pair of heels.

Wear these with everything from skinny jeans to mini skirts.

This color always looks much more expensive than it really is.

My basic oxford shirts just got jealous.

There's something about this color that makes me think this could be a cool designer piece.

H&M shoppers can't stop raving about these skinny jeans.

Why mess with the classics when they're this good?

No offense to H&M, but I never would have guessed these were from here.

Tell me this isn't the most luxurious thing you've seen all day.

I never feel quite as pulled-together as I do when I'm wearing a leather belt.

Pretty for the holidays, Mondays, or any day in between.

You'll be glad you invested in this staple in a months' time.

A well-made white T-shirt can transform a look.

Not-so-basic basic ankle boots.

It doesn't get any more versatile than this.

For all your at-home outfit needs.

Love me a funnel neck blouse.

Worth setting your jeans aside for.

Save your hair from creases and look stylish doing it.

This shade of beige is moving me to my core.