Wait, This H&M Collection Is the Coolest Thing I've Seen All Season

As an editor, I typically have early access to a lot of cool industry news. A celebrity beauty line launching? It's on my radar. A friends-and-family sale? Yep, I've heard. But when this hot info landed in my inbox, well, let's just say it trumped the lot. H&M is releasing an ultra-chic (and I mean ultra-chic), high fashion–inspired collection of bright dresses, sparkly accessories, bold jackets, and more just in time for the holiday season.

Yes, the pieces are insanely stunning, but that's not even the best part. This Innovation Circular Design Story collection is also H&M's latest step in its sustainability initiative. The garments are made of innovative materials (like cellulosic fiber produced from sustainably sourced wood pulp, recycled polyester made from waste bottles at high risk of polluting oceans, and other environmentally friendly fabrics), and each piece was crafted in a thoughtful way to increase wearability for seasons to come. Think gown-like matching sets that can be styled in various ways and oversize blazers that can double as mini dresses. The collection launches (and no doubt will sell out) on December 16, but naturally, we have the sneak preview. Here's every hot item to bookmark so you're ready to shop the second the line drops.

I'll start with my favorite piece in the collection. This dress is actual perfection. The polka dots, the tiers, the corset bodice, the tulle (made with recycled polyester, I might add), the—okay, you get the point. 

Some people like their puffer jackets neutral, but I'm looking for a statement. This version is exactly the right fit.

The cut-out trend is still everything. Wear this solo with knee-high boots, or throw it on top of some skinny leather pants. You can't lose.

I can already see fashion people lining up for these.

Remember when I mentioned the matching-set gown that can be worn in numerous ways? This is it. I'll be maximizing the CPW of this pink bralette by pairing it with wide-leg jeans, heels, and a blazer.

And don't forget about the matching top if you're looking for a little drama.

I've already seen celebs wearing this dress on social media. 

Ahem, a moment for these sustainably made faux-leather boots. It's the sole detail for me. It really makes these look luxe. 

Cold-weather chic with a cuff detail for some extra polish.

We can't get enough of vests over here. And this one's made with an organic silk blend. 

My mom calls me dramatic because I love a good glove moment.

Add a fun pair of stockings to any of these dresses for a more wintry vibe. They will not disappoint. 

This hat is neutral enough to be worn with anything in your closet but will also make a big statement. 

My co-worker Eliza put me onto the sporty sunglass trend, and now I just really can't get enough.

This choker will bring that added level of glam to any look. 

Who says your undergarments can't be just as fun as your outerwear?

This has a detachable collar and cuffs that are embellished with beads and rhinestones made from recycled plastic and some recycled glass. What more could you want?

I truly love ruching to add some extra dimension to a mini. This stunner will turn heads at any party you attend. 

I'll always have a thing for gold jewelry.