I Think These Are the 6 Best H&M Pieces for Fall, so I Tried Them


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Welcome to The Great Try-On. We're gearing up for fall, and that includes freshening up our wardrobes with some new pieces. We got to try on some of the best fall pieces from some of your favorite brands and documented it all from our at-home dressing rooms so that you can see how they actually look IRL. We hope that our photos and candid reviews will help you shop for fall wardrobe builders and trend-forward pieces that you'll wear over and over this season and beyond.

Shopping on a budget is one of my many talents, so H&M is always a brand I turn to when a new season is on its way. Despite the lower price tag, many of my purchases from H&M have stayed with me season after season with a level of quality that I don't find at every fast-fashion brand. I've learned the tricks of taking a closer look at the product descriptions to find the best items.

I'm all about buying into staples and items that I'll be wearing forever, so you'll notice that as a common theme in this roundup. On my hunt for new fall items, the focus was seasonless forever finds. With that in mind, I think you'll want to get your hands on the six pieces below.


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H&M Draped Off-the-Shoulder Bodysuit


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My review: This bodysuit won me over the second I put it on. It looks like an item that would grace one of the many luxury retailers that I love scrolling through—except, luckily for us, it comes in at only $29. The jersey fabric crosses over at the front with endless drapes that feel ultra-luxe.

Shop the Draped Off-the-Shoulder Bodysuit:

H&M Cotton Twill Chinos


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My review: This is a pair of pants that Who What Wear editors have been buzzing about ever since they landed on the site. I knew I simply had to try them and find out what all of the hype was about. Add pants like this to any outfit and your look will instantly be elevated. You can't go wrong with them.

Shop the Cotton Twill Chinos:


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H&M Leather Knee-High Boots


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My review: One of the only things that can tear me away from my obsession with wearing heels—besides a Barry's Bootcamp class—is a pair of riding boots. I still feel ultra-chic but get to be comfortable too. That's why I've decided these boots will be my go-to going-out shoes now that fall has begun. I absolutely approve of them.

Shop the Leather Knee-High Boots:


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H&M Collared Ribbed Dress


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My review: I've already received compliments on this dress, and I've only worn it out once while running errands. People wanted to immediately know where I got it from, as it's the definition of fall coziness. I will definitely be lounging in this while I work from home all season long.

Shop the Collared Ribbed Dress and matching pants:


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H&M 90s Baggy Ultra High Waist Jeans


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My review: If there's one thing our readers have an affinity toward, it's H&M jeans, so I had to give them a try myself. This straight-leg silhouette is exactly what I need to be wearing all fall. I usually only wear designer jeans, and these manage to fit in among my collection.

Shop the 90s Baggy Ultra High Waist Jeans:

H&M Heeled Sandals


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My review: Kitten-heel slingbacks are kind of my favorite thing. You can blame Carrie Bradshaw for how much I love them. I would say some breaking in is required at the front of the foot, but once that's done, these shoes will be your favorites for fall. I'll be wearing them for as long as I can.

Shop the Heeled Sandals:

Shop more new arrivals:

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