You'll Be Wearing This New H&M Collection in a Completely Different Way

With just over a week to go before we can finally get our hands on the H&M x Erdem collaboration (mark November 2 in your diaries, stat), we're getting serious about narrowing down just which pieces we'll be shopping for ourselves. We've already seen celebrities step out in the collection (even royalty!), and we're sure the abundance of dark and romantic florals, lace, structured and tailored pieces, as well as hoodies and timeless button-down shirts, will appeal to fashion girls across the globe. 

In the lead-up to the launch, London-based Erdem Moralioglu spoke exclusively to Who What Wear Australia about the collection, where he also revealed the intriguing way he wants women to look at the pieces on offer. Never borrowed from your boyfriend's wardrobe? You might have a change of heart after reading this.

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WHO WHAT WEAR AUSTRALIA: What can you tell us about Erdem x H&M?

ERDEM MORALIOGLU: Erdem x H&M is full of totally new pieces that look back at the different themes since I started my label in 2005. I also looked at my own personal memories, my childhood, and my family, and things that inspire me in pop culture. I think it’s interesting that by having both men’s and women’s it serves as an invitation to take pieces from each wardrobe to make it your own, irrespective of whether it’s menswear or womenswear.

WWW: You’re renowned for the captivating stories behind your collections—what’s the narrative for Erdem x H&M?

EM: It was really fun to design this collection because I approached it in a different way. When I’m designing my catwalk collections, I construct a whole narrative about the woman, who she is, what is she doing, what does she think? For Erdem x H&M it was much more open. I wanted the collection to have that sense of playfulness and also freedom. I also really enjoyed designing the pieces as individual garments. 

Erdem x H&M


Courtesy of H&M

WWW: Can you tell us about the childhood memories that inspired the collection?

EM: Erdem x H&M is the first time I’ve ever designed menswear, and it got me thinking about what I wear now, but also what I wore when I was growing up. Like an old Norwegian sweater that I wore in high school, which led to the graphic take on the Fair Isle in Erdem x H&M. This then led me to start thinking about what my twin sister Sara wore when we were growing up, and how she would wear a fleece over vintage tea dresses. It’s something I’ve always thought was so cool. 

WWW: How was it to design your first ever menswear collection?

EM: It was an absolute joy. I found it a totally different process to designing womenswear, which is so deeply based on narrative. For men’s, it was really thinking about what I would wear, and what I’ve worn at different stages of my life. Designing the men’s collection was almost forensic. With every piece, I thought about how I wanted it to be: what does an Erdem coat look like? What is its length? How does it fit? How should it feel? It was like taking a wardrobe apart and putting it back together again with the pieces that matter most. It’s very personal, and very satisfying.

WWW: Did designing menswear affect the resulting womenswear?

EM: As I was designing the men’s collection, I was also thinking about how it would look if it was worn by a woman. Designing the menswear gave a new dimension to the womenswear, because I was thinking about how these women’s pieces would be if they were mixed with the male wardrobe. I also think it works the other way too. Guys could look great in the women’s white shirt with the ruffle that extends down from the collar, so I added that for the men’s collection as well.

Erdem x H&M


Courtesy of H&M

WWW: Lets talk about your favourite pieces: What would be your top pick from the women’s collection?

EM: That’s a difficult question! I love the dresses, especially the jacquard gown, which has such amazing volume, or the sun plissé dress that was in my first collection. And the windowpane check coat is also great with its oversized masculine shape, while the faux leopard coat is really chic, with a grosgrain ribbon that can be either tied at the neck or worn as a belt. I wanted it to be a totally versatile collection, and there are so many different lace and floral tops that can be worn day or night, and the mohair sweaters are so great, as well as it’s the first time I’ve ever done a hoodie.

WWW: What about the men’s collection?

EM: I can’t wait to wear the tailoring myself, especially the grey herringbone blazer, and its matching pants. I’m really proud of the Harris Tweed coat, which has such a feeling of authenticity, and I love the functional feel of the fleece zip-ups. We also worked really hard on the cut of the parka, which is inspired by the utilitarian parkas I remember from my Canadian childhood. This one has a really clean and neat cut, with chunky white gold Erdem zippers. I’m also really excited by the way florals work in the men’s collection.

WWW: One final question: What is it like working with Baz Luhrmann?

EM: I’m so honoured and excited to be working with Baz Luhrmann. He’s one of the greatest storytellers of our time, and I know we share so much in common with our love of narrative, and how clothing can say so much about character. What we’re doing is all a big secret right now, with more to be revealed as we get closer to launch.

While the collection isn't available to purchase until November 2 but check out the complete lookbook here.

Opening image: Courtesy of H&M

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