This 5-Letter Search Term Is Leading Me to the Best Items on the Internet


Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Have animal-print fatigue? I have a remedy for that. As a digital fashion editor and lover of online shopping, I'm admittedly a search-term wizard. Some e-tailers provide more specific search results than others, but these days, having a solid search term will lead you to what you're looking for more often than not—and the five-letter term I've been striking gold with lately (and that happens to be a calm in the middle of an animal-print tornado) is simply heart.

The rising popularity of heart prints and heart-shaped items is likely attributed to the return of the 1980s, and/or perhaps it has something to do with people turning to fashion as a fun, whimsical escape. Either way, brands have been falling in line, and there are tons of far-from-juvenile heart pieces currently on the market. There are so many, in fact, that I couldn't not share them with you, so here I am. Keep scrolling to shop 22 heart pieces that you'll absolutely, appropriately love.