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There are accessories, and then there are accessories. The heart necklaces that we've noticed many of our favorite fashion people wearing are definitely the latter. Beginning with Saint Laurent's romantic Puffy Heart necklace back in the spring, the trend has since taken on numerous variations. The fun of it lies largely within individual interpretation, as the styles we've seen range from the likes of downtown punk to gilded baroque.

While oversize, "puffy" hearts seem to be the common denominator for the most part, we've also taken note of subtler, playful styles. For instance, stylist and writer Michelle Li recently layered a smaller, light-pink heart with a beaded necklace and gold chain. No matter which variation resonates with you, love is certainly in the air this season. Keep reading for a breakdown of our four favorite heart necklace styles below.

1. The Puffy Silver Heart Necklace

The necklace that started it all. While sold out now, the Saint Laurent Puffy Heart necklace features an oversize metal heart on a black velvet cord. Similar versions are equally enchanting and much friendlier on the wallet. (The Saint Laurent version retailed for $550.)


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2. The Baroque Heart Necklace

With an air that's both a little bit dark and sexy and a little bit over-the-top, the baroque heart necklace might be just what you need for that holiday party outfit you weren't sure how to accessorize. We'll take all the gold, rhinestones, and pearls, please! 


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3. The Pastel Heart Necklace

The pastel heart necklace is the sweetest variation of all the styles we've seen. It's bright and colorful and would be lovely beaded as well. Our Pretty Pretty Princess younger selves (boy, did that game not stand the test of time) would undoubtedly be very happy. 


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4. The Punk Heart Necklace

Whoever thought heart necklaces needed to be dainty was surely mistaken because the punk version is one to be reckoned with. Tough with an air of downtown cool, the chunky chains and use of mixed metals/materials and tones makes it a true statement piece.


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