I Have Acne-Prone Skin—Meet the Game-Changing Foundation I'm Never Taking Off

Haus Labs Triclone Skin Tech Foundation Review



As a beauty editor, I love nothing more than testing out new makeup, skincare, and haircare products, but I also have to be totally honest with you—my job has wreaked havoc on my skin. I've really put it through its paces this year testing anywhere from two to five new formulas a month, and it has definitely caught up with me. My skin has become more reactive and sensitive than it has ever been, so I've reined it in recently and now only test the best of the best.

I'd heard incredible things about Lady Gaga's clean, vegan beauty brand, Haus Labs, and jumped at the chance to try the brand's new Triclone Skin Tech Foundation ($45). Of course, since my skin has been reactive, I was excited to give it a try but also nervous. I felt good about the fact that the brand focuses on skin health and innovation. This formula fits the bill—it's totally noncomedogenic and filled with promising skincare ingredients like fermented arnica, which may help with inflammation in the skin. After giving it a try, color me impressed. For my honest thoughts and full review, keep reading below.

My Honest Review of the Haus Labs Triclone Skin Tech Foundation

Haus Labs Triclone Skin Tech Foundation Review



I'm going to preface this review by saying that I'm extremely picky when it comes to my foundation. If you've read any of my thoughts on previous foundations we've tested here at WWW, you'll know I don't always go easy. For starters, I have finicky, sensitive, and acne-prone skin, so I have to exercise serious caution when selecting a product I'm going to wear on my face all day.

With the Triclone Skin Tech Foundation, it was love at first swipe. First, I was excited that the formula is completely noncomedogenic—something that's key to look for if you have acne-prone skin. Second, I was actually incredibly surprised by the coverage it offered given it's labeled as a medium-coverage foundation. Most medium-coverage foundations offer more of a sheer layer that you have to build up if you want to go full coverage, but that was not the case here. One swipe and my skin looked so flawless—I was shook. I also used way too much at first. A little goes a long way with this formula, which is another huge plus.

After buffing it out with my Monika Blunder Foundation Brush ($38), I was in awe. It blends so seamlessly into the skin and glides all over your face like butter. As a bonus, the formula is also infused with high-performance skincare ingredients like fermented arnica to help reduce redness, even out your skin tone, and protect from environmental stress. It's also totally weightless—something I appreciate from a foundation when wearing it all day. I've tried a lot of foundations in the past year, but I can tell you I've only truly loved three of them—including this one. My other favorites include the Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation ($29) and the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick ($48). I loved this formula so much, though, that it's earned the number one spot in my rotation.

Although I love trying new formulas, once I find something that ticks all the boxes, I'm 100% committed. This foundation does that for me and doesn't bother my sensitive skin. Previously, I was breaking out a lot after wearing foundation for eight-plus hours, but after wearing this one for a few days in a row all day, that was not the case. And don't get me started on the rest of the Haus Labs products I tried. To be honest, I'm not sure how I hadn't tried anything from Gaga's incredible line before. The bronzer, pigment paint, highlight, and lip oil were equally impressive. They offer a high pigment payoff and also sit so well atop the foundation. I love that these products are so versatile, too. As you can see above, I had so much fun creating this subtle rosy-pink look, and I would totally wear this during the day to the office or at night out to drinks.

Overall, Haus Labs is absolutely one of my new favorite brands. I've been a fan of Gaga and her music for years, but I can tell that there was a lot of thought, energy, time, and effort put into the brand's latest product offerings. She and her team have truly created an impressive and cohesive line of products, and I honestly cannot wait to see what the brand drops next. I'm going to put in my suggestion now. An eye shadow palette, perhaps?

More of My Current Favorite Makeup Items

Another winner from Haus is the brand's precision brow pencil. I go a couple shades lighter for a more natural look.

I love this little eye shadow quad for both day and night wear. It looks great on darker skin tones, and the shimmer shades are gorgeous on their own without neutral shades to accompany them.

This new offering from Caliray is loaded with nourishing ingredients like collagen peptides, oleic acid, vitamin E, and niacinamide to create the perfect canvas for makeup. I used it under the Haus Labs foundation, and it created such a soft, silky, lightweight base for the makeup to just glide right onto.



This mascara was a slow burn for me. At first, I thought it wasn't bad, but I liked the other formulas in my arsenal a bit better. Now, I find myself reaching for it often. It doesn't clump at all and makes your lashes appear so naturally long. It almost doesn't even look like you're wearing any mascara at all.

I've been really into lip oils and glosses lately, as you can tell. This one from InnBeauty Project is another current favorite. The shades are gorgeous and give your lips a naturally plump look.

I'm totally game for anything that allows me to spend less than a minute doing my makeup. This 10-second eye shadow from Kosas creates the perfect shimmery eye so quickly.

Farmacy's Green Clean Cleansing Balm is my all-time-favorite makeup remover, and this peach version is equally great at the removal process—it just has a more delicious scent.