Everyone on TikTok Is Freaking Out Over This Budge-Proof Lipstick, so I Tried It

For all of my makeup-wearing life, I’ve gravitated toward lipsticks. In fact, I collect them like candy. But not all lipsticks are the same, and I admit that my tubes of satin and creamy finishes don’t get as much play as my longwearing matte lipsticks. If I got a dollar every time I left a crimson kiss mark on my burrito, I’d be rich.

While I never found a 100% no-transfer lipstick, most of my mattes were pretty decent. Even if the formula transferred a bit, my lipstick pretty much stayed on. But as mask-wearing became a major part of our lives these past few years, I realized I needed more staying power. Some came close, but nothing has worked as magnificently as the new Haus Labs by Lady Gaga Atomic Shake Lip Lacquer ($26). Let me explain.

Atomic Shake is a highly pigmented liquid lipstick that is absolutely transfer-proof and water-resistant. You apply it, and that’s it! You don’t have to worry about it the rest of the day, even while eating. It’s lightweight and comfortable, too. It currently comes in four shades, and the formula contains marine algae extract that nourishes your lips during wear. The lipstick immediately became a hit on TikTok, with influencers like @NikkieTutorials taking notice of its staying power.

Now, the idea of a glossy, long-lasting lipstick is nothing new. How can beauty TikTok forget all of the love it had for the Nyx Professional Makeup Shine Loud Lipstick ($12)? The product went viral back at the beginning of 2021 for its own smudge-proof magic. (I even tested it against my caramelized-onion and macaroni-and-cheese recipe.) It’s a great lipstick, and I wore it for a long time. However, there’s one major benefit that Atomic Shake has over Shine Loud. Nyx’s lipstick requires a two-step process—as do similar lipsticks from Chanel, Revlon, and Covergirl—but Atomic Shake only has one.

How to Apply Atomic Shake


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Anytime I wear lipstick, especially one that’s as intense as Atomic Shake, I always make sure my lips are exfoliated. Otherwise, there will be hell to pay! I learned with Nyx’s Shine Loud that wearing it over dry and cracked lips made the dryness worse, and the formula didn’t work as well. Plus, it’s uncomfortable! So get your favorite lip scrub and brush those flakes away. Since there’s usually oil in lip scrubs, make sure you gently wipe that off, as it will affect Atomic Shake. You’ll, of course, also want to skip lip balm.

Shake the tube gently for about five seconds. Then, remove the applicator while the bottle is right side up. (If it’s upside down, you run the risk of spillage!) Then, carefully apply it to your lips without pressing your lips together for about 15 seconds, and you’re good to go!

What the Shade Ruby Shine Looks Like On


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How to Remove Atomic Shake

Because of its staying power, you can’t really just wash the lipstick off with your usual face wash. You have to turn to an oil cleanser to lightly scrub it off. I turn to my forever-favorite lipstick remover from Beauty Bakerie. The little wipes are presoaked with jojoba oil, making removal as easy as pie. 

My Honest Thoughts


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This lipstick couldn’t have come at a better time. I had stopped wearing Nyx as frequently, but I still craved a fully mask-proof product. So when I heard about Atomic Shake, I was super curious about it. The one-step process was exciting, and it totally delivered and then some. I’ve been wearing this lipstick almost every day since the brand sent me a sample about a month ago. It’s been tested through numerous meals and hours-long social events, and each time afterward, I come home, look in the mirror, and am absolutely shooketh at its lasting power. (Note: The brand says that oil is Atomic Shake’s kryptonite, so it may not last through salad dressing and other oily foods.)

Atomic Shake is definitely my favorite product so far from the Haus Labs by Lady Gaga relaunch. Though, I’m still crossing my fingers for a reboot of my beloved Eye-lie-ner! If you’re looking for a smudge-proof lipstick that seriously won’t budge (even if you’re eating corn on the cob), you have to pick this up right away. 

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