The 10 Best Halloween Masks on Amazon, Based on Reviews

Halloween Costumes With Masks



If there were a single accessory we would advise investing in to make your October 31 costume planning simple and hassle-free, we’d say, without hesitation, a Halloween mask. Why? Because it’s a standalone piece that doesn’t require much additional styling, though you can, of course, add to the masked getup with extra garments that suit the appropriate persona. It's no doubt you’ll find a large number of Halloween costumes with masks on the market—from a Cinderella-inspired look to a spooky, ghost mask—but we were curious to find the absolute best disguises (err masks) to wear once the holiday arrives. How did we narrow down our picks? By turning to the treasure trove of customer costume reviews on Amazon—and boy, did we find a lot.

Type in the word “mask” into the Amazon’s search bar, and you’ll be given over 20,000 results—pretty overwhelming, no? But the beauty of so many options is that there is really something for everyone. If you prefer to go the scary, spooky route with your Halloween costume this year, there are some seriously spine-chilling masks available for purchase (and we found the top-reviewed ones here). If, however, you want to go in a more elegant direction, masquerade masks are going to be your best bet. Pro tip: Pair the feathered or rhinestone-covered mask with a sleek dress for a super-chic, mysteriously stylish ensemble. Ready to see the best masks on Amazon? Then read on.

Chic and Stylish Masks

Standout review: "The mask is very striking, with lovely shine and details. It got plenty of attention this Halloween as part of my 8-year-old daughter's swan costume, particularly when it caught the LED lights of her outfit. People stopped us to photograph her."

Standout review: "This mask is beautiful!! [It] fit perfect and [had] no problems staying on."

Standout review: "Wow!!! This was so much better than expected! Only cost a few bucks, but the rhinestones were super blingy, the construction was great, the tendrils were delicate-looking. I have only been to the one masquerade ball, but wish I had another opportunity to wear this. It's fabulous. Seems pretty sturdy, too."

Spooky and Scary Masks

Standout review: "This mask is exactly as pictured. Very well made. The contrast between the black and white is stunning. It's very comfortable. There is an opening for the nose and mouth, so you'll be able to breathe (always a plus)."

Standout review: "Realistic, creepy, and scary. I did a trial test on my wife, and it scared the dickens out of her. This should be a Halloween to remember."

Standout review: "Great mask! It really is very creepy. Used it Halloween night for trick-or-treat and scared plenty. It's quite roomy, so you have room for wearing glasses and there's no trouble breathing."

Animal Masks

Standout review: "This mask is super cute, fun and just what I need for my Halloween costume this year! The features of lace, feathers, and diamonds make it look like a high-quality mask, which would also be great for a masquerade party. I love that the strings are loose so you can tie it to the size of your head for just the right amount of tightness. It fits very well over my face, and the inner side has a soft plastic covering, making it quite comfortable to wear. I highly recommend this for any cat costume."

Standout review: "The best animal mask out there. Good vision while wearing and beautifully done."

Standout review: "When combined with other costume accessories, this mask becomes particularly strong. The way people respond tends to be very polarized. They'll say either 'That's super cute!' or 'That is incredibly creepy.' However, they all tend to agree that it looks very life-like."

Standout review: "This an awesome mask [and] was a great last-minute Halloween costume. Everyone was taking pictures with this mask; it's a good conversation starter. Mix with other costumes for additional fun."

Regardless of which masks you choose, you're certain to have a conversation-starting Halloween costume.

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