These Memes Won 2019—and Will Make the Best Halloween Costumes


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We all appreciate a good meme, and 2019 didn't fail to delivery some true comedy. While there is plenty to be gained from memes—a good laugh, procrastination method, and method of communicating with friends being some of them—there's another advantage to memes that you might not have considered before: They make for a creative Halloween costume idea

If you're the type of person whose Instagram feed switches solely between fashion girls and meme accounts, you're likely on top of this year's top meme trends. Who can forget the hundreds of memes spawned by the final Game of Thrones season, or the memes accurately depicting your mom taking off her glasses when you show her a meme? That's called meme-ception. 

There are hundreds of viral memes that have taken the internet by storm, but we narrowed it down to our favorites that can coincidentally also be easily replicated into fun Halloween costumes for the rapidly approaching holiday. Ready to take a trip down meme-ory lane? Read on for the best meme-centric costumes to wear this Halloween.

Me Explaining to My Mom

Everyone knows the feeling of passionately explaining something to your mom that she doesn't understand, but pretends to listen to regardless. This meme encapsulates that feeling and makes for a hilarious costume. If you're dressing up as the daughter, grab your white tee and cardigan, and the item you're explaining. Almond milk, perhaps? 

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1. White T-Shirt

2. Black Cardigan

3. Hairband

SpongeBob Traveling the World in Drag

Is SpongeBob making an appearance on RuPaul's Drag Race, or is this just another brilliant meme? Unfortunately, the latter. SpongeBob dressed as a Parisian with a baguette in front of the Eiffel Tower was just wacky enough to go viral—and be an instantly recognizable costume. 

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1. Polka-Dot Dress

2. Red Beret

I'm Baby

Sometimes in life, as hard as you might try to be an adult, we realize we're all just babies inside. This meme is the feeling we didn't even know we all shared, one that can just be expressed with the phrase, "I'm baby." Whether you dress entirely in pink, or as an actual baby, you'll nail this meme. 

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1. Pink Pants

2. Pink Shirt

Daenerys Targaryen's Cheeky Smile

We've all been forced to send the cliché "per my last email" email—cringe-worthy but effective. The reality is, this is the exact face we make when we send the email… or do anything remotely sassy, if we're being honest. Dress up as Daenerys Targaryen and smize at people all night long. They'll get the point. 

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1. Daenerys Targaryen Dress

2. Daenerys Targaryen Wig

Megan Rapinoe's Goal Celebration

Sometimes you deserve to be proud of yourself. Take it to the next level with this loud and proud Megan Rapinoe–exclusive stance. Add a soccer uniform and you've got yourself a meme. 

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1. USA Women's Soccer Jersey

The Game of Thrones Cast

The final season of Game of Thrones spawned countless memes, but this particular image needs no caption or explanation. Not only is each actor behind the scenes priceless, with Isaac Hempstead Wright's bare legs a crowd favorite, but the real quesiton is: Has Kit Harrington given up his fight for the throne to become a makeup artist? Pick any member of the famous cast and combine them with a touch of GOT costume for a hilarious ode to the incredible show. 

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1. Knee-High Boots

2. Shorts

The Meryl Streep Scream

The second season of Big Little Lies was iconic in so many ways, but one of the most memorable moments must be Meryl Streep's chilling shriek. Who knew a body could produce that kind of sound? The best part about this costume? You get to dress up as Meryl Streep. 

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1. Blue Cardigan

2. Light-Blue Button Down

3. Dark Blue Jeans

Celebrities As:

Comparing celebrities to various inanimate objects became a viral theme in 2019 for reasons that are completely unknown. That doesn't mean we will pass up the opportunity to dress up as Tyler the Creator/a Yankee candle. Just wrap yourself in comfy blue clothing and voilà—a meme and a fashion statement all in one. 

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1. Light Blue Blazer

2. Blue T-Shirt

3. Blue Jeans

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