These Memes Won 2018 (and Will Make the Best Halloween Costumes)

We all appreciate a good meme, and 2018 has been chock-full of some truly LOL–worthy ones. Aside from the laughter they induce, memes are also good for another thing: informing and inspiring our Halloween costumes. If you're the kind of person who's constantly on top of what's trending in the meme world (remember Gym Kardashian?), it's time to that passion to the next level… There are hundreds of hilarious memes that have taken the internet world by storm, but we thought we'd narrow it down to a select few we think would be easy to re-create. Ready to take a trip down meme-ory lane? Read on for the best meme-centric costumes to rock this Halloween.

Gym Kardashian

If you're an expert at makeup, try contouring some muscle definition into your arms for that über-buff Gym Kardashian look. And consider carrying a photo of the meme with you in case people get confused by your getup.

5-Year-Old Cardi B 

The finishing touches to this hilarious Cardi B meme? Put one hand on your hip and make her iconic facial expression.

Super Bowl Selfie Kid

Available in sizes XS to L.

Complete the Super Bowl selfie kid costume by layering lanyards over your sweatshirt and holding a cell phone with a google search for "Who is Justin Timberlake" open.

Blue Ivy on Vacation

Pull together this Blue Ivy vacation look by carrying around a fruity, colorful drink, wearing your hair in a tight topknot, and walking around completely unfazed by your surroundings—you're Blue Ivy, after all.

Jennifer Garner's  2018 Oscars Realization

The final touch? Jennifer Garner's face when she comes to some sort of realization.

Yodeling Wal-Mart Boy

You can't forget the yodeling, of course. Time to acquire a new skill?

Meryl Streep at the 2018 Oscars

Pull your hair into a neat, tight bun and you're all set to go as the most precious Meryl Streep meme of 2018. (A wand is optional but highly recommended.)

Cardi B at the NBA All-Star Game

Throw in a bucket of popcorn, do the hilarious Cardi B dance, et voilà: Your meme-inspired Halloween costume is complete.

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