7 Easy Halloween Costumes to Create With a Bandana

We all know the stress that sets in when Halloween officially arrives and you haven't even had a chance to think about what to wear. Because with a busy schedule and days flying by faster than we can even keep track of, the holiday quite literally creeps up on us, leaving us in a serious crunch for time and in need of a quick, easy last-minute costume. One simple solution? Build your getup around one accessory we guarantee you already have in your wardrobe (and if you don't yet own one, it's certainly a very wallet-friendly find). Any guesses? Yes, we're talking about the ever-versatile bandana.

With a simple bandana, you can create a slew of fashion-forward, easy, and memorable Halloween costumes, from Rosie the Riveter to a fortune teller to one of Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen's most iconic looks in the '90s. Are you ready to see all the coolest Halloween costumes you can create with a bandana? Then read on for our edit of seven Halloween costumes that can all be pulled together with the classic neckerchief.

The Key Piece:

1. Cub Scout

What you need: 

2. Rosie the Riveter

What you need:

3. Fortune teller

What you need: 

4. Beyoncé in 2000

What you need: 

Available in sizes 25 to 32.

5. Axl Rose

What you need: 

6. '90s Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

What you need: 

Available in sizes 2 to 16.

Available in sizes 0 to 12.

7. J.Lo at the 2000 VMAs

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Jenny from the 2000 VMAs #halloween

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What you need:

Available in sizes 10 to 14.

Available in sizes 8 to 12.

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