Halle Berry's Outlook on Aging Is Something We Should All Live By


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This is Doing Well, a series where we'll get a peek into the wellness routines of our favorite celebrities, athletes, social media personalities, entrepreneurs, and more. Think of it as a Proust Questionnaire—wellness style. Below, see what they have to say about their favorite workouts, self-care rituals, wellness goals, affirmations or mottos, and more. Maybe you'll find some inspiration for your own routine.

Halle Berry is a total icon. She's an Academy Award winner. She's played a Bond girl, Catwoman, and X-Men's Storm. She's known for her amazing red carpet style. And she's also an activist.

In the past couple of years, the actress has emerged as a fitness expert, too. She's used her social media platforms to post workout routines, fitness tips, and wellness knowledge. And in April 2020, she launched rē•spin, a fitness and wellness platform that also features an e-commerce shop with workout gear. Now, rē•spin is launching a partnership with Amazon Halo, which includes a series of fitness programs from Berry, pop-up locations around the U.S., and her own store on Amazon.

There's nothing stopping Berry. So when we got the chance to chat with her about the new partnership and her wellness routine, it was a total dream come true. The first thing we had to ask her? How she really feels about all of those articles that are focused on her age and how good she looks. It could be flattering; it could be annoying; it could be even perceived as sexist—we wanted to get her take on it.

"Age is just a number, and I have never felt defined by it," Berry says. "It is a bit frustrating that people want to place so much emphasis on the age of women. Somehow, it feels a bit degrading, like it puts us at a disadvantage. Men get older, and they get sexier, but women just get old. I think that the older we get, the better we become. We just have to convince ourselves of that fact because I absolutely believe it to be true!"

Those are words everyone needs to hear. See what else she had to say about her fitness and wellness routines below.


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My favorite workout is: "I'm loving martial arts workouts. I'm also really enjoying tracking my workouts to learn about my body and health. I'm excited to be working with Amazon Halo, where members can discover content that fits their lifestyles, as well as tools to help them measure progress and keep motivated. Additionally, members can now find exclusive workouts from me and rē•spin in the Discover section of their Amazon Halo app."

Something that always puts me in a good mood: "Music! I think of music as a universal language; it has the power to affect our moods and our states of mind."

My favorite "feel-good" Instagram accounts to follow: "@ourplanetdaily. Nothing soothes or excites me more than the wonders of nature. Its creatures always put a smile on my face!"


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My must-have beauty and self-care products are: "I'm really into tracking different facets of my wellness. This is another reason I'm so excited about my partnership with Amazon Halo—because it's perfect for that. I also swear by my Flawless cleanser and brow tool and Olga Lorencin Red Carpet and Deep Detox facials—whether at-home or in-salon."

My favorite self-care rituals: "I love getting facials, practicing morning meditations, and exercising daily."

The one thing I do to wind down is: "A good glass of full-bodied red wine is the ultimate wind-down for me."

My ideal chill-at-home 'fit is: "I'm a free spirit, so anything that's barely there."


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My favorite thing about myself is: "My emotional intelligence."

The one wellness goal I want to accomplish this year: "In 2021, I really want to get my purple belt in jiu-jitsu. I'm currently focused on improving my sleep. I know I sound like a broken record, but it's another reason I'm loving my Amazon Halo. I can check my sleep score each morning in the app, and then I can make small lifestyle changes and check whether my efforts paid off the next morning."


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An affirmation/motto I live by: "If you're going through hell, keep on going."

You have become such a fitness icon. How has your relationship with fitness evolved throughout the years? "My fitness regimen has become an ingrained part of my lifestyle over the years. Now with modern technology like Amazon Halo, which helps me monitor the impact of my daily habits, I can proactively strive to reach my full potential more easily than before."

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