Body Neutrality Advocate Bethany C. Meyers on What Puts Them in a Good Mood


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This is Doing Well, a series where we'll get a peek into the wellness routines of our favorite celebrities, athletes, social media personalities, entrepreneurs, and more. Think of it as a Proust Questionnaire—wellness style. Below, see what they have to say about their favorite workouts, self-care rituals, wellness goals, affirmations or mottos, and more. Maybe you'll find some inspiration for your own routine.

Bethany C. Meyers is on a mission to advocate for body neutrality, self-love, and the LGBTQIA+ community. They're doing some of that work through The be.come Project, a unique exercise program they founded in 2018. The program takes a body-neutral approach to boutique fitness with 25-minute routines that you can do anytime and anywhere. Each week, members get routines that are meant to be repeated for 14 days, so you'll become confident with the moves, and each session can feel like a meditative practice. The routines are made for all levels, so it's a totally welcoming way to work out.

In addition to their work as a fitness founder and CEO, they recently partnered with Puma as the brand's newest Studio ambassador. In their role, they'll be featured in Puma's global campaigns and on the brand's Reform platform, focusing on advocating for the LGBTQIA+ community and helping remove any barriers that might stop people from engaging in sports.

We got a chance to get Meyers's answers to our Doing Well Questionnaire and a sneak peek into their wellness routine. Take a look at what they had to say below and shop Puma's new Studio collection, which they're the face of, here.


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The first thing I do when I wake up: Lots of snuggles with my fur baby, Papa. (Say it like you're French, Pa-PA!) He's a rescue from the SPCA in Texas, and honestly, I don't know what I would have done this past year without this little guy. I love how pets remind us to enjoy the present moment.

My go-to meal before work: Whatever my heart desires. I never share specifically what I eat in a day (when I had an eating disorder, this was a major trigger for me), but I can tell you it varies all the time. What I've learned is that all food is good food! So anything from ice cream to blueberries to fried chicken can kick off my morning as long as I provide myself with sustenance.


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My favorite workout: This one is easy, The be.come Project! I know it's mine, but it really is my favorite. The 25-minute routines are quick, effective, adaptable, and fun AF while never making you feel ashamed.

Something that always puts me in a good mood: A proper bath. I used to frequent Korean bathhouses pre-pandemic, so I've found ways to makeshift this at home! Epsom salts, a scoop of coconut oil, and a dropper full of lavender in the tub make me feel shiny and new. Oftentimes, I give myself a face/neck massage while I soak. If you don't know how to give yourself a face massage, check out the book Face Fitness by Patricia San Pedro!


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My favorite feel-good Instagram accounts to follow: It's hard to pick just a few, but these are the top ones that came to mind!

@mynameisjessamyn: Movement inspo and just all-around realness.

@climatediva: All things environmental! I'm working on making my new house plastic-free, and I've definitely found many resources here.

@thenutritiontea: Nutrition without the damaging diet talk!

My must-have beauty/self-care products: To name a few…

— Mineral Mist from Brooklyn Herborium ($36)

Floral Repair Concentrate from Monastery ($168)

— LED Face Mask from Sunina Skin ($119)

— Save My Skin Serum from Lumion ($42)

— Empress Stone from Wildling ($65)


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My favorite self-care ritual: Doing The be.come Project! Shame-free movement is absolutely my best form of self-care. The mind-to-body connection does wonders for my overall well-being. When you do be.come, before and after the routine, we ask you how you are feeling. This little emotions test is a wonderful way to notice how movement affects mood.

The one thing I do to wind down: I've recently picked back up piano playing. I played my entire childhood but let it go when I turned 18. Last year, I ended up getting my old piano shipped to me, and I've been able to explore my relationship with this instrument again! I love that it recruits my hands and my mind, which means when I play I can't think about (or do) anything else! It's been incredibly helpful for my anxiety.

My ideal chill, at-home 'fit: It's either wearing nothing but my undies or lounging in a good pair of sweats like Puma's Classics Relaxed Joggers!

My favorite thing about myself: I have been thinking about when I was young and always got in trouble for being too bossy and talking too much. Every. Single. Report. Card. Now that I'm an adult and I run my own company, these are my two greatest assets! Bossy is just another word for leadership, and being talkative means I'm a good communicator (vital for teaching be.come classes).


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The one wellness goal I want to accomplish this year: Deepening my relationship with body neutrality and working to dismantle diet culture both within myself and my community.

An affirmation/motto I live by: "I can do it." This is actually a motto from The be.come Project. We say it at the end of every routine. I used to question if it was cheesy, but now, every time I need a boost, I bust out an "I can do it," and it always seems to help!

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