How I Shop H&M in My 30s

Welcome to My Post-30 Wardrobe, a series in which our editor Allyson shares with you her experiences and advice pertaining to shopping and outfit planning as a 30-something fashion editor. While Allyson's style has certainly changed since she turned 30, she also believes that age is just a number and you should wear whatever makes you feel the coolest and most confident.

I fully condone shopping wherever you want no matter your age. There are many brands across the land that have tons of clothing options for every age group and lifestyle, fast-fashion ones included. I previously shared my Zara and Amazon shopping strategies, and now I'm taking you through my methods for finding the best stuff at H&M as a 30-something.

I've found that there are a few very specific strategies for scoring the best H&M has to offer, given its frequently updated, often overwhelming inventory. Read on to get the scoop on my useful strategy and shop my current picks from the brand.