Everything You Need to Know About End-of-Season Sales 

Guide to end of season sales


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We all have that one friend who always seems to score designer pieces at seriously discounted prices—ugh, the envy. And that's because they are likely a bargain hunter—someone who knows the ins and out of successfully shopping online (and in-store) sales. If you, too, want to save a bit of cash without sacrificing style, you'll want to take a thorough read through our definitive guide to end-of-season sales, which highlights the shopping tips and tricks to follow to help you score amazing finds without burning a hole in your bank account. 

The name of the end-of-season shopping game is patience—and if you can wait to press add to cart on a seasonal piece (e.g., a warm jacket in the wintertime), you might just be able to scoop it up for half-price during the, well, off-season. Ready for more important shopping insight? Then read on for four important sale hacks that you'll want to remember for the long haul.

1. When demand is high, prices are high.

You certainly don't need to be an econ expert to know this is one of the most important shopping rules around—and it will save you so much money in the long run. When the demand for something is high, that's when prices will sore, too.

2. Buy winter essentials when…

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It's never a smart shopping decision to purchase winter essentials (mittens, boots, jackets) when they're needed most—e.g., October, November, December. Instead, January and February, which fall toward the end of the cold-weather season, actually offer the best deals on winter staples because retailers want to make room for their new spring and summer merchandise. So, if you can wait to buy that pricey faux-fur coat, you might just be able to score it for 75% off at the beginning of the year.

3. Wait to buy spring and summer pieces until…

The same rule of thumb of high demand, high prices, applies to spring and summer clothing. The best deals for warm-weather items fall two to three months after the season's official arrival. That means spring merchandise tends to go on sale in May and June, while summer markdowns drop around August and September (a month when swimsuit discounts will be plentiful).

4. Slow sales after the holidays mean heavily discounted prices.

Have you ever noticed that the best online sales drop around January, right after you've done all of your holiday shopping? Well, there's a reason practically every retailer unveils their epic end-of-season (or end-of-year) markdowns during this time: to increase sales after the holiday shopping activity has slowed down and to clear their racks to make room for new merchandise. Though winter gear experiences the highest price reduction during this time, brands will add other items to their sale as well—particlary those pieces that have been part of their inventory for a while. 

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