How to Find Out About Zara Sales Before Everyone Else Does

How to Find Out When Zara Sales Are Starting



We all live for Zara sales—but with employees keeping mum on the exact start dates, how's a girl supposed to plan for some shopping? The folks at SheFinds have an insider tip to ensure that you're one of the first to find out all the sale details way in advance. "Your best bet for finding out ASAP is to sign up for the store's newsletter, which usually announces the sale start date the day before," the article advises.

And if you're concerned about receiving so many emails per day that the sale alert might get lost in the shuffle, don't be. "Unlike lots of other fast-fashion retailers, Zara doesn't overdo it when it comes to spamming your inbox; you'll only be notified weekly of new arrivals," the website states. Who knew Zara was so inbox-friendly and all about ensuring customers are on top of those sales? We're just mad we didn't think about signing up for the Zara newsletter sooner.

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