I'm Already in Love With Gucci's Accessories—Now I Can Monogram Them, Too

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As a fashion editor, I'm constantly observing the outfits those around me are wearing. I'll shamelessly ask where someone got their coat, shoes, belt, jewelry—you name it. While walking in West Hollywood the other day, I passed by a woman sporting a Gucci bag that I'd been eyeing, and when I looked closer, I noticed initials monogrammed on the leather. I immediately whipped out my phone and checked the Gucci site to see if I, too, could personalize my future items. I didn't think I could love the designer's pieces any more than I already did, but apparently I was wrong. The addition of a monogram makes Gucci's accessories that much more special. I'm already plotting holiday gifts for my family, anniversary presents for my fiancé, and, well, treats for me. Want to see some of the pieces you can personalize? Keep scrolling.


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