This Gucci Collection Celebrates 100 Years of Pop Culture—I Need Every Piece



Whenever someone asks me what my hobbies are, I usually start with the most obvious answer (shopping, duh) and then say something more casual like, "I also like listening to music." I don't typically disclose to new people that I indulge in these hobbies simultaneously, scrolling through thousands of fresh pieces on the market while singing my favorite songs. I mean, there's a reason that department stores blast music you can dance to as you browse and try on new items. Music and fashion are more intertwined than we think.

The new Gucci 100 collection, a tribute to Gucci's undeniable impact on pop culture over the last century, is perfect proof of the collaborative relationship between music and fashion. As a devoted lover of both of these things, I don't take Gucci's 100-year anniversary lightly. Fair warning: You may find yourself daydreaming about this collection in the middle of the workday (guilty) or actually dreaming about it at night (also guilty). I'm celebrating this ode to Gucci's century-long heritage by rounding up an assortment of eye-catching handbags, shoes, and ready-to-wear pieces for you to enjoy below.