My Friends Told Me Their GOAT Beauty Products—I'm Obsessed With Their Answers

Despite my pulse on the beauty industry (and all of the interviews I conduct with makeup artists, dermatologists, hairstylists, celebrities, etc.), I'm always curious to know what products and treatments my friends are obsessed with. (Even if they're not editors, per se, many of my friends are or have been involved in the beauty industry.)

I'm always seeking inspiration and new product discoveries, so I thought it would be fun to interview a few of my fave humans here in L.A. This is the question I put forth: What are five GOAT beauty products you feel like you simply can't live without? Not too shockingly, I loved their answers, and I think you will too. Keep scrolling to read about and shop everyone's picks. 

Dakota Katt, Esthetician at VH Skincare



"I literally don't wear foundation anymore thanks to this product! These drops instantly make my skin tone look more even, smooth, and bright!"

"I love this stick because it doesn't irritate my acne-prone skin and is so easy to use on the go! It takes me about one minute to apply in the morning, and it makes such a huge difference."

"I am obsessed with this dry shampoo. It smells amazing and doesn't leave a white finish, and it gives my hair so much more volume."

"I've been using Boy Brow for years, and I still love it! It gives my brows a really nice shape without making them look gunky—my biggest pet peeve."

"This is my favorite sunscreen because it protects my skin and has anti-aging ingredients. It's also the only sunscreen I've tried that doesn't immediately make me break out. It also gives you this instant hit of hydration and brightness—your skin will look incredible!"

Alex Flowers, Senior Manager of Partnerships at The Infatuation



"My absolute all-time favorite product is Indie Lee's Brightening Cleanser. I love clean product lines, and this is truly my 'holy grail.' The application feels like rubbing your face with the finest silk. It is so luxurious, and I just can't quit it. My face also feels fresh and clean afterward, so win-win."

"Continuing with my clean beauty faves, Ilia's True Skin Serum Foundation is an always-on in my cabinet. It's lightweight and has good-for-your-skin ingredients, so it's like makeup and skincare in one. … Who doesn't love that?! I feel like my skin still looks like my skin, but better. It's almost like a light filter for your complexion. This one also packs a nice moisturizing punch, so it doesn't dry out with extended wear and gives the perfect dewy look."

"This oil is a recent obsession I've developed over the last year or so. I was a bit hesitant with face oil after a few that didn't yield great results and made me break out, but this one has officially transformed me into a convert! I absolutely love it, and I really notice a difference in how my skin looks, feels, and reacts if I stop using it."

"A few months ago, I went on a hunt for the perfect contour product, and after trying way too many, I finally found this one. I'd consider myself a lazy-girl contourer, and this one is easy to apply and easy to blend and looks freshly applied no matter how long you wear it. The color tone is perfect, and it goes on super smoothly. I'm still impressed every time I use it!"

"Everyone needs a really great sunscreen, and this is one I will never not use. I'm obsessed with the consistency, and it's perfect on its own or as a primer for makeup. A little goes a long way with this one, so I consider it a good bang-for-my-buck investment. (But honestly, I would pay almost anything for it because it's just that good.)"

Kelsy Ralph, Beauty + Wellness Account Supervisor at Krupa Consulting



"I'm not someone who has a lot of beauty products. I have my favorites, and I stick to them. I swear this Gucci lip liner looks good on everyone. It's the perfect neutral, and I pair it with a milky gloss or a neutral lip balm."

"Best eye shadow palette for everyday wear. I usually stick to the lighter browns during the day and just apply it to my eyelid creases, but I also use this palette at night and add the darker, more dramatic tones to the outer corners and lower lash line. Elcie also makes this palette in mauve, which I love because purple tones make my green eyes really pop."

"I just traveled to Paris for the first time and loved everything about it, especially the skincare and beauty products I came across. This parfumerie is really special because each scent is created to embody a piece of art in the Louvre. This particular scent is like nothing I've ever smelled before and all of my favorites wrapped into one. It's so unique and perfect—apricot, coconut, amber, jasmine, mandarin, and sesame. And luckily, they ship internationally!"

"I've used this Tom Ford highlighter for years and keep going back to it. They look really natural and glowy."

"My favorite drugstore hack—E.l.f. Cosmetics! I know this is technically for powder, but I use it for bronzer, and it gives really nice, even coverage. I have at least three of these on backstock in my beauty cabinet at all times."

Sophia Kamins, Esthetician at Musto Medical



"I absolutely love this foundation! It's lightweight but also gives the best coverage. It's buildable, and other products apply so smoothly, giving the most seamless look for the daytime or a night out!"

"My go-to fragrance that leaves me feeling more confident. It has notes of bergamot, cedarwood, and violet for a subtle but also 'wow' scent. There's not a day that goes by where I don't get asked what fragrance I'm wearing!"

"The best and least expensive product for anti-aging—as well as the most effective—is sunscreen, which is why I don't go a day without applying this. EltaMD is my all-time favorite because of how lightweight it is and the pretty, smooth finish it leaves behind. Coming from someone who's acne prone, you can't go wrong with this stuff."

"It's all in the name with this one. Styled hair, but make it look like it's natural and a touch of messy for something a little sexy. I swear by this product after styling my hair. It locks in my waves, curls, and even flyaways for when I straighten my hair. It doesn't leave your hair sticky, and it doesn't give you that crunchy feeling like a typical hair spray. Not to mention, it smells delicious."

"This is the best lip balm for the winter time or just all year round. This is my go-to lip moisturizer. It's extremely hydrating and does wonders on chapped lips. Its application is silky smooth, and it leaves a nice glossy finish on your lips, making them look plump and refreshed."

Sarah Yang, Digital Director at Sunset Magazine



"This is my everyday moisturizer for a reason. It keeps my skin hydrated and soft, doesn't irritate it at all, and is just the right texture. (It's not too heavy but not too light.) My skin normally has a freakout at least two times a year—it gets itchy, dry, and red—and when that happens, I try to pare down my routine and keep it minimal until my skin calms down. This cream is one of the products that I can still use while I'm trying to get my skin back to normal."

"I'm obsessed with this mascara. It's my favorite beauty launch of 2022. I just love that it gives life to my sparse lashes—volumizes, defines, and doesn't clump!"

"I finally got to try this cult-favorite blush this year, and I'm never looking back. The color is so flattering (I have Joy and Believe), and the staying power is amazing. Also, it's so saturated! Just two dots on each cheek is enough, which is awesome because you get more bang for your buck!"

"I use this bronzer as a finishing touch practically every single day. It looks completely natural—no Oompa Loompa, fake-tan vibes here. My skin always looks effortlessly glowy."

"I've been using some iteration of Urban Decay's setting spray for over 10 years. It's an essential for me. My makeup always lasts longer when I spritz it on, and I don't feel any tightness that some sprays give you. I just discovered that they have this glow version—it has hyaluronic acid and agave extract for a hydrating effect. I've been loving this new-to-me version!"

"This is another product I use every day without fail. Whether it's to take off makeup, to double-cleanse, or for a refresher, it always comes in handy. It's so gentle, soothing, and hydrating."