I've Spotted This Pretty Grandma Trend on Practically Every Fashion Girl

There’s no denying it: Trends beloved by the geriatric set have thoroughly penetrated the fashion world. Our senior editor recently shared seven (count ’em) current trends that are grandma-approved. I’d like to add one more to the list: the grandma sweater. There are a few variations on the look, but the most popular is a very sweet knit with floral embroidery and appliqués. I found substantial evidence below, and trend-conscious retailers like Zara (which is having an epic sale right now, by the way) have already given their stamp of approval to the style. Other notable grandma sweater details are pointelle (breezy for summer) and appliqué bobbles (fun to play with year-round), both of which are gaining steam in the sartorial world. But don’t just take my word for it. Check out my visual buffet of grandma-sweater inspiration below, and shop one for yourself now because the trend is selling fast.

Floral Cardigan


(Image credit: @vbiancav)

As you will come to see, the matching set is a common denominator of most of these looks. 


(Image credit: @styleidealist)

Her exact Zara set is sold out, but sometimes if you monitor the page closely, one will come back in your size.


(Image credit: @sorayabakhtiar)

This special knit has a vintage appeal. 


(Image credit: @lottaliinalove)

Why not let the color of your grandma sweater dictate your entire look?


(Image credit: @eniswardrobe)

Now this is how to do knits in the summertime. 


(Image credit: @sabinasocol)

Tach Clothing is the brand with the best floral knit options in this editor's humble opinion.


(Image credit: @lpa)

Pointelle and floral appliqués? This sweater does it all.


(Image credit: @laurenelson)

The embroidery on this knit has a charming DIY look.


(Image credit: @emmaleger)

This For Love and Lemons sweater is sold out in yellow, but may we recommend it in the slightly more season-less black color below? 


(Image credit: @loveshackfancy)

This sweater looks as if it was stolen straight from Gram's closet.


(Image credit: @johannejesssen)

A vest iteration! Grandma would be proud.



(Image credit: @styleidealist)

The details on this sweater are straight-up stunning.


(Image credit: @laurencrowe88)

We're getting Scandinavian vibes from this sweet knit.


A puff sleeve adds to the sweetness of this cropped number.


(Image credit: @camillecharriere)

This matching set is by Pretties, a Los Angeles–based brand that's been famous since the '90s.



(Image credit: @hayleymenziesofficial)

Ten out of 10 your Grandma would wear this look.


(Image credit: @cassandra.cadwell)

Always here for a bobble.

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