All Our Favourite Fashion Bloggers Are Dressing Like Characters From Gossip Girl

It may be over seven years since it last aired a new episode our televisions, but our love of Gossip Girl is still going strong. Yes, we admit it wasn't the highest-quality drama around, yet our loyalty is unwavering and we regularly experience pangs of nostalgia for Serena and the gang, their ridiculously fabulous lives, and enviable wardrobes.


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As it so happens, over the last few months, there have been a fair number of new trends that have emerged and subsequently picked up by our Gossip Girl radars: dresses, accessories, fabrics and even socks that we could totally imagine on our favourite over-privileged Manhattanites. Clearly, people have been watching reruns on Netflix (guilty as charged).

Naturally, there's a fine line between chic and Halloween costume when it comes to re-creating the Gossip Girl school-days look. And while we applaud the likes of Courtney Trop for managing to pull off the full "school-girl pinafore worn with Mary Janes and long socks" getup, we wouldn't necessarily recommend it for day-to-day wear.

Instead, why not accessorise with a headband next time you head to a wedding? Or rather than your trusty trouser suit, opt for a tailored skirt two-piece? We're also enjoying a bit of print clashing via plaids and tartans, both of which recall the Constance Billard uniform. It's all about sneaking those Upper East Side references into your fave outfits. Repeat after me: What would Blair Waldorf do? Scroll down to see and shop our Gossip Girl edit.

Pinafore Dresses


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Style Notes: We've lost count of the number of times we've spotted Prada's black minidress on Instagram. Typically worn with a white shirt, the style bears striking resemblance to the school pinafores worn by Blair and Serena at Constance Billard.


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Style Notes: How can anyone forget Blair Waldorf's iconic headband? Luckily for Gossip Girl fans, this preppy hair accessory is seeing a spike in popularity right now. From plain black styles to statement embellished numbers, there's a look for everyone.


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Skirt Suits


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Style Notes: Alongside co-ords and coloured trouser suits, the skirt suit is one of the matchy-matchy trends that the fashion crowd are loving this season. Coming in a range of finishes and cuts, there's a definite school uniform vibe about this look—simply style with knee-high boots and a white tee.

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Long Socks


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Style Notes: Some may roll their eyes at the resurgence of long socks, but when worn correctly, they can look pretty chic. Fab with both heels and flats, make like Blair Waldorf and wear with a plaid skirt or smock dress, but perhaps make it over-the-knee and add a chunky knit to avoid any "Oops!… I Did It Again" connotations.


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Plaid Fabrics


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Style Notes: We all secretly wanted to own a Constance Billard uniform back in the day, complete with pleated skirt and tie. Our taste might've matured since then, but our love for all things plaid is still going strong. Update the look for 2019 with checked, high-waisted trousers, a tartan midi or a vintage blazer.


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