I Tried Goop's Metabolism-Boosting Superpowder, and All I Can Say Is "Whoa"


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Just because I'm a beauty editor doesn't mean I don't like to moonlight here and there as a wellness editor, and nothing tickles my fancy more than reporting on buzzy, wellness-centric products (or trends!) that play right into the palm of the beauty space. I've loved health and wellness for as long as I can remember (I was actually a public health major and a nutrition minor before doing a complete 180 toward writing and communication), and anything new and interesting always piques my interest—especially when it comes to supplements. 

Whereas I used to be that person who would snap up anything and everything an article or influencer touted as "life-changing," I've since become much more discerning when it comes to product, and now, I meet any formula claiming borderline miraculous results with a resolute stink-eye. Metabolism-boosting products have always held a special fascination for me because, A) who doesn't dream of a snappy, ageless metabolism? and B) I actually damaged my metabolism due to an eating disorder in my late teens and early 20s, and I'm always on the lookout for healthy formulas that can offer some extra love and support in that arena. 

So, you can imagine my excitement when one of my all-time favorite beauty and wellness brands, Goop, announced they were launching an easy-to-use metabolism-firing superpowder that—as a cherry on top—tastes like chocolate. 

"Our metabolism—the process in which our bodies convert food into energy—can change as we age and for many other reasons," explains Thira Burns, MS, RDN, and Director of Product Development over at Goop HQ. "We want to support it as best as we can throughout our lives; eating nutrient-dense whole foods, moving our bodies regularly, and reducing stress can help keep it healthy." That said, she tells me adding a few extra components to said equation, i.e. strategic ingredients, can optimize our systems even further. "We made the Metabolism-Boosting Superpowder ($55) as a way to introduce some of those key ingredients into our routines on a daily basis. It’s designed for anyone looking for some additional support for their metabolism." Curious to know more? With help from Burns, I'm diving into every single detail below in addition to providing my own review at the end of the article. Keep scrolling! 

How It's Different Than Other Metabolism-Boosting Products on the Market


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So, what separates Goop's take on a metabolism-supporting supplement from all of the others on the market? I posed the question to Burns, who explained that just like the brand's entire collection of wellness staples, the new Metabolism-Boosting Superpowder aligns with Goop's high-standard dedication to clean ingredients and is vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, paleo-friendly, and keto-friendly.

"Basically, it can be used by nearly anyone regardless of dietary restrictions or preferences," says Burns. "It was a priority for us to create a product that is easy to use, effective, and, most importantly, tastes great."

How the Key Ingredients Work


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7-Keto DHEA Acetate: As Burns explains to me, 7-Keto DHEA (which is different than just DHEA) is an ingredient that has been shown in clinical studies to boost metabolism and support healthy body weight when combined with a balanced approach to diet and exercise. Click here to read more about its impact on metabolism.

Cinnamon Extract: In addition to its yummy, warm taste, Burns says the addition of cinnamon is added to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels when used as part of your diet. In addition to lowering blood glucose, studies have also shown it may reduce waist circumference and the prevalence of metabolic syndrome.

Holy Basil: Commonly known as Tulsi in the Hindi language, holy basil is an ingredient that is traditionally used in Ayurveda and can help support a healthy response to stress in the body. 

In addition to the above, you'll also find organic cocoa powder (for that yummy chocolate kick of flavor), xantham gum, and a mix of natural sweeteners—stevia and organic monk fruit—in each superpowder satchet.

Who Shouldn't Try It


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As Burns explained above, one of the biggest perks of this particular metabolism supplement is that it was designed for the masses and is the antithesis of scarier formulas on the market (like harsh diuretics or diet pills) which also like to tout metabolism benefits. That said, certain people shouldn't take it or should consult with their health professional before throwing it in their morning smoothie.

"For most people, this is a safe and effective product," Burns confirms. "However, if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you have low blood sugar or are diabetic, consult your health care professional before using this product." Additionally, she notes that both cinnamon extract and holy basil may lower blood glucose, and you should definitely steer clear if you are allergic to cinnamon.

How to Use the Superpowder and Maximize the Benefits


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If you're someone who isn't a fan of popping capsules every day (or even if you are), you'll appreciate the versatility of this easy-to-use superpowder. For the best taste, the brand recommends adding one sachet to your go-to smoothie or to eight to twelve fluid ounces of a liquid of your choice. On Instagram, Paltrow has been seen making a metabolism-boosting smoothie featuring one satchet, frozen blueberries, almond milk, avocado, cacao powder, and a pitted date.

"Another Goop favorite is a Chocolate Strawberry Pudding Smoothie which also uses avocado for added healthy fats and a pinch of Himalayan sea salt for extra flavor," Burns shares. "When in doubt, go for anything that goes with chocolate, like bananas and peanut butter. For best results, we recommend taking the Superpowder daily."

Of course, we'd be remiss to act as if taking a supplement a day (no matter how fab it is) is all it takes to help support a healthy metabolism. For instance, if you're neglecting your sleep habits or are downing three glasses of wine every night post-dinner, you won't be doing your system any favors, even with the addition of the superpowder. 

"Managing stress, focusing on sleep quality, and moving our bodies throughout the day will also help keep our metabolism in check," Burns concludes as a parting reminder.

My Review

Despite my love for wellness and trying out new supplements, more often than not, it's hard to discern whether or not a formula is actually working—especially when it comes to something as complicated as the metabolism, which isn't as easy to monitor as, say, our blood pressure or temperature. Whereas my other favorite metabolism-boosting powder has some noticeable benefits like reduced bloat and increased morning movement, (ahem, if you know what I mean) a supplement like Goop's is harder to measure since the trifecta of ingredients is working on more of a cellular level. That said, after using one sachet a day for 15 days, I did notice a few things. 

First and foremost, let's talk taste and texture. Even though the brand says you can simply mix it with a liquid (like water, nut milk, or coffee), I highly recommend throwing it in with something that has a bit more girth to it—like a smoothie, or even oatmeal or a yogurt bowl. The taste of the powder on its own is super strong, and while I can usually tolerate strong tastes in the name of health, I just couldn't handle the way it tasted blended straight into my morning coffee. (And yes, I even added a little bit of Super Coffee creamer!) After a few sips, I had to give up and pour my entire cup out. In my opinion, it definitely needs a mix of ingredients to mellow out the bitterness a bit. That said, once I tried it in my favorite smoothie (almond milk, plant-based chocolate protein powder, cinnamon, ice, and some frozen banana and avocado), it was super dreamy. Obviously, the chocolate adds a nice hit of decadence and the cinnamon gives it a nice bit of spice. Calories aren't everything, but I also appreciate that each sachet sits at a mere 15, so it's not adding a ton of extra density to my morning meal. Once I found the perfect recipe, it was super easy to incorporate into my daily routine, which is something I definitely need if I want to be consistent with a new supplement.

Now, I can't necessarily say if the superpowder has truly increased my metabolism at all—and I'm sure I'd need to be taking it a bit more long-term to notice those benefits anyway—but one huge perk I noticed was a major reduction in cravings and a greater sense of calm around food and mealtimes. This was especially important to me since I've tried other 7-Keto supplements that have interestingly had the exact opposite effect. (Think completely out-of-control cravings and hunger.) Suffice to say, I quickly dropped those from my routine. I think the simple but strategic ingredient composition of Goop's formula is really to credit—especially considering the blood glucose-reducing addition of cinnamon—which is tied to diminished sugar cravings—and the calming, stress-busting effect of holy basil. All in all, this powder isn't going to perform some kind of overnight miracle, but I'm super excited to keep using it and to see how it continues to complement my wellness routine. It's definitely one of the most exciting formulas I've tried recently! 

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