The Prettiest "Ugly" Nike Sneakers of the Season Just Dropped on Nordstrom

White sneakers with dresses



Now that clunky dad sneakers are officially mainstream, I've finally decided to just embrace them (yes, I'm aware that it took me a while). Since Nordstrom's sneaker selection is tough to beat, I just took my "ugly" sneaker search there and immediately found a pair that spoke to me.

The resurgence of Nike's Air Max 95 sneakers isn't fresh information, but as long as the brand keeps releasing new iterations of the trending style and people keep wearing them, I'm convinced they'll remain It sneakers for the foreseeable future. Plus, they're a lot more accessible in both price and look than many other "ugly" dad sneakers on the market. But back to the Nikes that spoke to me. The latest sneaker drop on Nordstrom included a pair of Nike Air Max 95s with a subtle glitter accent. Anyone who knows me is well aware that I have trouble resisting anything sparkly, and these sneakers are no exception. They come in both pale pink and black, so depending on just how cutesy you like your sneakers to be, you can choose accordingly.

Shop the prettiest "ugly" Nike sneakers of the season below, as well as a few other new sneaker arrivals on Nordstrom that you may want to consider too.

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