Meet the Cult Jewelry Trend Taking Over Instagram

Recently, I’ve been spotting resin and glass jewelry pieces everywhere from market appointments to the new-arrivals sections of my favorite retailers to the Instagram accounts of cool girls. This got me wondering. Is the “glass” jewelry trend the next buzzy accessory we’re braced to see everywhere, much in the same way that seashell jewelry swept the internet over the summer?

My suspicions were confirmed when I saw Leandra Medine of Man Repeller post a photo on Instagram contemplating the trend as well. “So glass jewelry is the next frontier of cult accessory trends, huh?” she captioned the picture. It’s confirmed, then. An early pioneer of seashell jewelry herself, I don’t doubt her trend-spotting abilities and expect that we’ll be seeing these KiraKira-worthy pieces explode on Instagram this season. Ahead, shop pieces from brands like Tuza Jewelry and Dinosaur Designs that are crafting some of the designs I want to add to my shopping cart immediately.

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