Meet the 20 Splurge-Worthy Items That Just Made It to the Top of My Wish List

Net-A-Porter Gift Ideas

I've taken multiple love-language quizzes, and the results come back the same every single time: I'm a gift person. I've always prided myself on giving people the most thoughtful presents, whether it be for a special occasion or just because, but I must admit, I really like receiving them as well. So obviously, the holidays are my favorite because I get to shamelessly make a list of all of the things I wouldn't mind getting (okay, that I really want). Now, I don't expect to receive all of these, but I figured putting together a list from my favorite retailer, Net-a-Porter, would be helpful for my boyfriend, family, and friends while they're shopping (for me) this season. Want to see what made it on my list (that you might want to add to yours as well)? Keep scrolling. 






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