Trust Me: These Are Legit the Best Gifts for Men in 2022

Gift ideas for men



Shopping for the men in my life is low-key one of my greatest pleasures. Whether they fall into the friend or family category, putting a smile on their faces is my treat. That may sound cheesy, but you can bet it's the truth. My favorite thing about shopping for men is that I feel like it's hard to let them down. Whether it's a small trinket or a luxury splurge, their reaction to whatever it is that I'm gifting is not nearly as complex as that of the women I know and love.

This year, my goal is to gift something that will be of great use to them throughout the year. Whether it's a more luxurious replacement to the overworn sweatshirt that I see them in on the daily or a tech gadget that will be their latest obsession, I'm ready to give something that is tailored specifically to them and their needs. Below, find the 37 gifts in my shopping cart that I can't wait to share with the men in my life.

It's time to upgrade his sneaker game.

A classic shirt he'll wear to every occasion. 

House slippers don't have to be boring.

I think this is the greatest long-sleeve T-shirt I've ever seen.

I've never met a man who doesn't love Lululemon joggers.

This polished pair of sneakers will be a great alternative to his sporty ones.

A fantastic audio experience is something he'll look forward to.

The leather jacket trend that I've been raving about isn't just for women.

This is the ideal stocking stuffer for the guy who needs to upgrade his skincare game.

The basic white T-shirt in his closet is overdue for an upgrade.

Shirt-jackets will make getting dressed a breeze.

A watch always looks even more luxe when it comes in a bold shade of green.

He'll be ecstatic to cozy up in a sweatshirt like this.

A pop of color will perfectly disrupt his neutral wardrobe.

My brother has been asking for something like this.

Simply because the cold weather is coming.

It's important to note that these are waterproof.

Most men I know don't use candles, but this one will win him over.

Seeing this price point on a fragrance is crazy good.

I love the idea of giving the men in my life a London vibe.

This is actually my favorite fragrance for men.

Convincing him to wear SPF will be easier when it glides on as easily as this product does.