My Birth Certificate Says I'm a "Zillennial"—11 New Trends I Will and Won't Wear

Gen Z trends



Welcome to the great Gen Z–millennial divide. Between its call for the end of skinny jeans and how to correctly part your hair, the younger generation has some pretty polarizing opinions that have everyone on both sides up in arms. While I've definitely taken sides on some things (I no longer own skinny jeans, for one, but I am a huge fan of avocado toast), I still feel trapped in between the two groups, and according to the internet, it's because I'm technically a zillennial. 

Those of us born between 1992 and 1998 are part of the micro-generation that's not quite Gen Z but also not fully millennial, either. We were there to go from flip phones to smartphones but still remember the days of floppy disks and dial-up internet. It was a specific time, to say the least. So with the new and rather distinct Gen Z aesthetic that's on the rise in the fashion world, I felt compelled to share my thoughts.

Everyone you speak to will have their own opinion on what's really worth buying, skipping, and wearing from all the new trends in the market right now, and as a member of this in-between generation, I definitely toe the line between wanting to wear the latest thing and being low-key traumatized from seeing the Y2K fashion I wore in my awkward middle school days make a comeback. With that, I put together my list of what I'm personally excited to try right now and what I'm giving a hard no to. 

The List



The Details

Won't Wear

Y2K Camis: As much as I am loving the resurgence of all things Y2K, this is one trend I actually wore a lot of as a tween and that I simply have no desire to revisit. Too soon for me!

Low-Rise Anything: Gen Z baffles me with its love of low-rise jeans. While I'm here for a slouchy-pant moment, I've tried to embrace low-rise pieces in the past, and I just don't care for them.

Exposed Thongs: This feels self-explanatory, but unless I'm showing up to a costume party dressed as Manny Santos from Degrassi, it's a bit too wild for me.

Shield Sunglasses: I'll admit that they look so cool on other people, but I prefer to stick with the classics when it comes to eyewear.

Flared Yoga Pants: Love you, Emma Chamberlain, but these bring back some awkward middle school memories I'd rather not relive. Classic leggings it is.

Will Wear

Gen Z fashion trends



Retro prints are all over, and I love how there's such a range to choose from—you can go super trendy with a warped checkerboard print or more vintage with Pucci-inspired prints

I'll admit that I was on the fence about these when I first saw them popping up on my Instagram feed. But seeing how every celeb from Kendall Jenner to Dua Lipa are fans of the playful accessory, I've been influenced.

Gen Z clothing trends



Being a '94 baby myself, baby tees were all the rage when I was growing up, and I'm actually so excited they're coming back because they couldn't be any easier to wear, yet they give off a cool, subtly '90s vibe. Plus, they go with everything.

Gen Z denim trends



As I mentioned above, I draw the line at really low-rise items, but I do love slouchy, baggy jeans. Even going for a 'fit that's a tad looser than what you'd normally wear or sizing up instantly makes your denim look cooler.

Gen Z bag trends



Baguette shapes have definitely been around for a minute, but I can't help but notice how Gen Zers have taken the '90s bag trend and really ran with it. 

Gen Z jewelry trends



I don't make the rules, but you need to get yourself some plastic rings, ideally the kind that look like they could have come out of a gumball machine. Colorful plastic rings have entirely eclipsed dainty gold styles for everyone's everyday jewelry vibe, and more is really more here, so play around with bright colors and quirky shapes.