There Are 1500 People on a Waiting List for This Cult It Bag


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Every so often a new It bag emerges on the fashion scene. And one of the latest styles to earn this title is undoubtedly Gabriela Hearst’s Nina bag—the brand’s first bag design named after singer and civil rights activist Nina Simone. And while we are more than ready to assign this style the honorary title of “It bag,” we’re not sure it really falls into that category.

It bags come and go, but the Nina bag—with its architectural design and clean lines—fits snugly into the wardrobes of cool modern women, and we think it will for years to come. Slung across the arms of celebrities like Dakota Fanning and street style stars like Miroslava Duma, its popularity among the fashion set can’t be denied. And with a waiting list of 1500 people at any given time, fashion girls everywhere are ready to get their hands on the modern classic.

Go on to see Gabriela Heart’s Nina bag and add yourself to the waiting list.

Gabriela Hearst Nina Bag (price upon request)

Gabriela Hearst Nina Bag (price upon request)

Gabriela Hearst Nina Bag (price upon request)

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