Perfectly Easy Halloween Costumes for Pun Lovers

Though it's hard to believe—summer really flew by, as it does every year—autumn is upon us. In addition to perfecting your fall wardrobe, now is the perfect time to plan your Halloween costume (yes, we went there) so that come October 31, you're ready to win all your friends over with your killer (pun intended) costume. Speaking of puns, are you that person—you know, someone who finds themselves consistently saying "pun intended" after successfully dishing out a double entendre. If so, why not use those skills in crafting a funny (or, ahem, punny) costume with which to make your friends laugh out loud?

If you need some ideas to get your pun-inspired Halloween costume wheels turning, allow us to help. There really are so many fun ideas out there, but we thought we'd narrow it down to a select few that we think can be as fashion-forward as they are hilarious. Below, see the funny pun-inspired costumes that are oh so clever and—as a bonus—quite simple to piece together. Ready? Set. Go! Have pun!

Party animals

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Be the life of the Halloween party in this punny costume. Best of all, it's so easy to piece together and has lots of room for creativity. As Lauren Conrad and her friends demonstrate, a slip dress is a perfect base with which to create the costume. Pro tip: Pick an animal-print base for that extra pizzazz. A pair of animal ears of your choosing and a glass of champagne complete this funny "party animal" costume.

What you need:

Social Butterfly

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Are you a social media lover? Then this one's for you. This social butterfly costume is super easy to create and only requires a few staple pieces you can pull from your wardrobes—a skirt, a tee, and some fashionable heels. But wait, there's more. You'll also need to use your arts and crafts skills to create the "social" labels—Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. icons.—that you affix to your 'fit.

What you need:

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This punny Halloween costume plays off the classic song "It's Raining Men." Throw on a comfy dress, and add in rainy-day essentials like a trench coat and an umbrella. Then tape pictures of your favorite male celebrities onto the umbrella. Hence, it's raining men—a simple Halloween getup that's perfectly clever and cute.

What you need:

Available in sizes XS to L.

Available in sizes 5.5 to 10.5.

French Toast

Combine your love for Parisian fashion and breakfast food by going as "French toast." It's a super-simple (and super-hilarious) costume that only requires a few essentials—a striped tee, a beret, a scarf, and, you guessed it, a piece of toast—real or crafted from cardstock, you choose—worn as a necklace around your neck.

What you need:

Available in sizes XS to XL.

Oh, Deer

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This is a super-easy, super-punny costume that plays off of the widely used phrase "Oh, dear." All you need to pull off this getup is a simple brown dress, some antlers, and the letters "O" and "H" glued onto the dress. Simple, right? 

What you need:

Available in sizes XS to L.

Queen Bee

Be the buzz (err, life) of the party in a cute, clever, and punny queen-bee costume. Really, all you need is a yellow dress, some black ribbon, and a crown. 

What you need:

Smartie Pants

Are you the smarty pants in your friend group? Then put a punny twist on it by actually rocking, well, Smarties (the candy) on your pants. All you need is a classic pair of jeans and some Smarties. Tape the candy on the pants for a hilarious costume that will have your friends laughing out loud.

What you need:

Next up, see some of the most spot-on Halloween costumes some of our favorite celebrities have worn in the past.

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