I Asked 6 French Women What I Should Buy Next—Here Are Their Suggestions

Isn't it frustrating when you're in the mood to treat yourself to something new, but you just can't find anything that excites you? That's how I've been feeling of late. This summer, I made a pact to spend less and wear the pieces I already own more, and having followed through with said pact thus far, even with a holiday been and gone, I've decided that it might be time to reward myself. The only issue is that I can't settle on anything. Of course, there are plenty of things I like—pieces I'll happily and genuinely recommend to others—but nothing I've felt compelled to buy. So, I set out to procure some shopping inspiration from what I consider to be a very reliable source.

I've spent over a decade analysing French style and, in the process, have connected with more than my fair share of women either born or currently residing there. To this day, they're still some of the most stylish people I know, whose taste I trust implicitly. Keen to discover what they currently have their eye on, I asked six French influencers to tell me what they have on their wish lists right now. Below is what they said.

Franny Fyne


(Image credit: @frannfyne)

With an eye for easy staples and statement accessories, Franny’s wish list certainly reflects this. 

Julie Sergent Ferreri


(Image credit: @juliesfi)

Julie dispels the cliché that French women don’t wear colour with her bright but considered ensembles, which she peppers with classic pieces to ensure their timelessness. 

Anne-Victoire Lefevre


(Image credit: @vikilefevre)

Where minimal and vintage aesthetics meet, Anne’s style is wholly unique—as is her muted-palette wish list for the months ahead. 

Marissa Cox


(Image credit: @ruerodier)

Our resident Brit in Paris, Marissa keeps us dialled in on the sartorial happenings across the Channel, documenting how her style has morphed since going Gallic. Consider her wish list your French fashion fast-track. 

Dominique Kenmogne


(Image credit: @pomelokiwie)

Dominique knows a cult piece when she sees it as her wish list, which is packed full of the season’s most in-demand items, proves. Serving looks with an athleisure twist, she embodies modern French style. 

Mélodie Bance


(Image credit: @melodiebance)

Mélodie showcases everything I love about French style via her charming, Parisienne-inspired outfits which always stand the test of time. As will the chic pieces on her wish list. 

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Maxine Eggenberger
Deputy Editor

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