Women in Paris Will Wear These 7 Simple Spring Trends With Jeans

We’re constantly enamored by what Parisian women wear. You know, that whole je ne sais quoi thing. Yep, this set often steps out in the exact effortless ensembles we want to try. In fact, we recently highlighted the seven items fashion people in Paris routinely turn to when they create their pared-down outfits. On that note, many of the looks we’re into feature jeans as one of the key items. So we thought we’d dive into the pieces French women will probably wear with denim this season to inspire our spring wardrobes and yours.

Based on what women in Paris are wearing already on IG, it’s the simple trends that stand out most because they’re easy to style and just work flawlessly with jeans. In fact, some of the items in question overlap with pieces mentioned in the above story. As a preview, we’re talking about versatile outerwear picks and comfy basics. Keep scrolling for more, including styling references and a range of shopping recommendations. 

1. Loose Shirting

The Trends French Girls Wear With Jeans: white blouses



We actually featured the oversize-shirting trend (a truly modern staple for many women in Paris) in this story here. There's something so effortless about teaming a relaxed blouse with straight-leg jeans.

2. & 3. Bomber Jackets + Knit Tanks

Bomber jackets are back as a certified fashion-person staple. So yes, French women will wear them, especially teamed with trendy knits.

4. Oversize Blazers

The Trends French Girls Wear With Jeans: oversize blazers



Here is an item you might have already guessed. Yep, an oversize blazer (often paired with a simple white tee). Polished and elegant.

5. Ribbed Cardigans

The Trends French Girls Wear With Jeans: ribbed knits



A not-so-standard ribbed knit in a longline silhouette or with interesting button details is a simple yet forward choice to pair with jeans.

6. Shackets

The Trends French Girls Wear With Jeans: shackets



The shacket will hold strong for spring as a fantastic transitional outerwear choice that's cool with jeans. 

7. Puff-Sleeve Tops

The Trends French Girls Wear With Jeans: puff-sleeve tops



While a bit more statement-making, neutral tops with puff sleeves will be a popular choice again to elevate a denim look.