How French Girls Do Bridal Style


Laure de Sagazan

After deciding that bridal stores needed a serious shake-up, Christy Baird founded LOHO Bridean acronym for "league of her own." With locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco, LOHO Bride offers an experience for women who don’t identify with mainstream bridal looks. Every month, Christy will lend her expertise on high-fashion bridal designers, trends, and offer a behind-the-scenes look at the latest industry news.

There's nothing more alluring than a woman with effortless style, and no one does this better than the French. On our big day, we want to look like an elevated version of ourselves. Why not heed the advice of women who do this on a daily basis? The same style rules can be utilized when putting together your bridal look. When we asked designer Rime Arodaky what French style means to her, she described it as "serious tomboy meets effortless feminine." Sign us up! 

Take a scroll below for five easy ways to capture that facteur cool while styling your wedding look.

French brides always have a civil ceremony before their actual ceremony, so a short dress is a must-have. Have your heart set on wearing a gown? Not to worry. Slip into one of these for your reception or rehearsal dinner.

You know who loves chic bridal jumpsuits or pants? You guessed it: French brides. Not everyone’s wedding day involves a dress, and this stylish alternative is an understated way to display your je ne sais quoi.

On the long list of things French women have mastered, layering is close to the top (right below perfect skin and enviable locks that are tousled just so). U.S. brides are taking a cue from our fashionable friends and creating their own fresh mix and matched looks with strong separates. And if you thinking mixing laces is a faux pas, think again—we’d go as far as saying separates are our favorite sartorial trend of the moment.

We can all learn a lot from Marie Antoinette: how to live life to the fullest, how to volumize without hair spray, how not to manage our money—but sometimes less is more. When it comes to bridalwear, if you think you’re going over the top, you probably are. French women wrote the book on simplicity, and a peek in their wardrobe will prove that a clean, well-balanced look beats flashy embellishments any day. Allow yourself to be the focus.

If the devil is in the details, then French women know exactly how to bring the heat. When it comes to their big days, polishing off their dresses (or jumpsuits, if you’ve been paying attention) with refined heels is something that won’t be skimped on.

What’s your favorite effortless bridal look right now? Let us know in the comments!