The Forever 21 Pieces You'll Wear on Repeat

For whatever reason, there's a myth floating around that repeating your clothes is a fashion faux pas. Whoever came up with that was clearly mistaken (and definitely a billionaire), for what good are clothes if they aren't properly lived in? Isn't that the whole purpose? I find that there's an equal amount of satisfaction that comes both from wearing something for the very first time and finding fresh new ways to wear it years down the road, essentially making it feel new again.

As you know, each week we look forward to bringing you the best new product at Forever 21, and this week the pieces are ones we know you'll be able to wear on repeat. Whether it's a basic sweater or a statement jacket, you'll be able to get multiple uses out of the following new arrivals, and the best part is that you don't have to love burning money to purchase them. 

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