All These Well-Dressed People in Flip-Flops Are Making Me Rethink Some Things

Simply put, I’m not a flip-flops girl. In fact, I’ve ruined my fair share of beautiful leather sandals because I insist on wearing them to the beach instead of their polarizing plastic counterparts. If you asked me a month ago if I’d ever waver on this, my answer would have undoubtedly been no, but a series of recent Instagram images has me thoroughly confused.

It all started when I noticed the normally high heel–clad Rachel Zoe wearing flip-flops poolside. I was a little surprised, but I brushed it off and moved on. However, in the days and weeks following, I continued to come across more and more stylish women making a similar choice. If the likes of Emili Sindlev, Jenny Cipoletti, Caroline Vreeland and more can get behind the admittedly sensible summer sandals for a day at the beach, should I?

While I’ve yet to make up my mind on whether I’ll ultimately join team flip-flop (be it this summer or next), I though these compelling shots were still worth sharing. Continue on to see the outfit photos that have me all shook up, and of course, to shop the flip-flops I’ve been considering.


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Available in sizes 4.5 to 10.


Flip flop season???? Photo by @thestyleograph

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