And Now, the Fall 2020 Boot Trend We've All Been Waiting For

Now that we've made it through about half of the year in a socially distant, mask-wearing state, our perspectives have drastically shifted. We've begun to really contemplate what it is that makes us feel full as humans, what brings us joy, and how we can add value to our lives in a substantial way. Sartorially speaking, trends don't really seem to fit that bill. If you're an avid fashion person, sure, trends might bring you happiness and that is very valid, but from a practical standpoint, I think it's safe to assume any fashion journalist is wondering the same thing I am: Is the trend cycle even relevant anymore?  

Personally, I love a good trend and identify with that fashion person above who seeks these new waves of innovation to feel excited by their closet, but this year, the world is different and so is my wardrobe. A big part of this movement toward basics and practicality and away from the frivolous trend cycle includes a decline in the height of heels. This includes heeled boots as well. Luckily for us, the flattest boots possible graced the F/W 20 runways, proving that if one thing is going right sartorially this year, it's our fall footwear game.    

That's right, folks. The most practical and versatile boot trend just surfaced as one of the most popular styles on the runways. These low-to-the-ground soles will give you the excitement of a new trend while also providing a practical new addition to not only your seasonal wardrobe but also your assortment of timeless basics. From equestrian to Victorian-inspired styles, ahead, get ready to see some of the best flat fall boots on the runway, and shop an assortment of the best versions on the market thus far.  


Courtesy of Ferragamo

Pictured: Salvatore Ferragamo 

The chicest affordable pair I could find (if I'm being honest). 

You can get these in snake, black, and white. 

If Dior does it, you know it's good.


Courtesy of Tory Burch

Pictured: Tory Burch 

From the toe to the shaft, these boots are perfection. 

These combine two of the biggest boot trends in one: over-the-knee and completely flat. 

If you're into more of a Victorian vibe, try out a pair like this. 

The equestrian aesthetic is trending hard this season, which means these Gucci boots are shaping up to be quite the investment. 


Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Pictured: Louis Vuitton

If the completely flat-to-the-ground look freaks you out a bit, this semi-platform sole should do just the trick. 

The zipper makes this particular pair perfect for the snow. 

Affordable, simple, and black. What more do you need? 


Getty Images

Pictured: Lanvin

A forward-feeling take on classic flat boots. 

Pair these with a flowy white dress, and you'll be completely on-trend this season. 

Your straight-leg black denim will thank you for these. Trust me.


Getty Images

Pictured: Brock Collection 

Everything about these boots just feels right. Right? 

Toughen up your go-to suit with these timeless flat fall boots. 

Because what's one more pair of black boots in your closet?