6 Easy First-Date Outfits for Summer

Now that the frost has thawed, the sun is emerging from the clouds, and we’re looking for excuses to spend pretty much all of our time outside, dating season has officially begun. We’ve loved cozying up indoors by the fire during the long and cold winter, but we’re all ready to start going out with that very special someone (or a few someones) now that the weather is practically calling our name outdoors. What’s more is that while we love a classic date night at our local bar, ’tis the season for some more adventurous and exciting date-friendly activities.

The only problem is what to wear—especially for a first date. You want to look pulled together but not over-the-top. The balance is hard enough to strike when all you’re intending is to sit down at a restaurant, but once you factor in a walk around the city, a casual baseball game, or a picnic in the park, the wardrobe choices get a little more complicated. For all those fun dates and more, these are the first-date outfit ideas for summer that we all have on the ready should the invitation ever be offered.

Low-key Sunday hangs

When you have no particular plans, indoors or outside, jeans are a must. After all, you don’t know what the day might bring and you want to be prepared for anything. Stick to a graphic-print bodysuit for ease, and yet top it with a layered button-down shirt to keep your look totally classic.

Dinner and a movie

For an evening event, an easy-breezy look of denim and a T-shirt will always make you feel comfortable. While you don’t necessarily want to look as comfy as you feel, it’s the perfect time to top your outfit with a tailored blazer for that extra ounce of sophistication.

Forgo your favorite jean shorts for a slightly more elevated look for a brunch date, as compared your normal Sunday plans. To keep it casual, though, top your printed skirt and top with a denim or leather jacket and slip into more dressed-down kicks like low-top sneakers.

Drinks and dancing

Go festive for a night of dancing with a dress that lets you move around without fuss but also ensures all eyes will be on you. We’re currently loving bright colors, bold stripes, and a little bit of ruffle at the hemline.

Cozy cocktails

There’s never been a better time to try out the boudoir trend than cozy cocktails all four seasons of the year. To keep it first date–friendly, however, top your more revealing look with an edgy leather jacket and show off your casual cool-girl style with sneakers instead of heels.

When you’re going to be laying in the grass, jeans are a must. Stick to a graphic-print bodysuit, but top it with a layered button-down shirt to keep your look classic.

With outfit ideas like those, you’ll never be left standing in front of your closet feeling like you have nothing to wear for date night.

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