You'll Find These Photographers in Every Fashion Girl's Instagram Feed

Though the subjects of fashion photography are predominantly women, the person behind the camera is often a man. The bylines of so many magazine editorials demonstrate that fashion photography very much remains a male-dominated profession. But while some of the most familiar names in fashion photography belong to men, there’s no shortage of talented women in the industry. There are more and more female movers and shakers making their mark in the competitive field, serving up gorgeous work and endless inspiration. The best part about our contemporary female fashion photographers is that they all have Instagram, so you can get a daily look into their lens for a female perspective of fashion and everything else in life worth capturing. To introduce you to some of our favorite leading ladies in the industry—and bring even more beauty and fashion inspiration to your Instagram feed—we’ve rounded up our favorite female fashion photographers.

Head below to see the top women to follow on Instagram if you love fashion photography.

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This story was originally published on January 30, 2016 and has been updated.