We Asked Our Readers to Share the Clothing That Makes Them Feel Fearless

Think of the last time you had to make a big public appearance. Whether you gave a presentation at school or led a meeting at your office, I'll bet that you took the time to carefully pick out a "power outfit", aka one that made you feel powerful enough to take on the big day. Get inspired by what successful women wear to feel their most powerful because let's face it, what you wear can transform the way you feel and how you carry yourself.

Here at Who What Wear, we believe in the power of fashion. It's exactly that ethos that's sparking our conversations about fearless fashion throughout the month of June. Everyone has that one outfit or one clothing item they rely on for an instant boost of self-esteem and confidence. For some, it's a bright color that allows them to be (literally) seen, while for others it's a blazer that's been tailored to perfection. My "fearless fashion" item is my leather moto jacket because it acts as a protective shell to make look and feel fiercer. But I wanted to know: What's the one clothing item that makes you, a Who What Wear reader, feel fearless?

Not to be biased or anything, but our readers are a crazy-stylish bunch. When they're not tagging us in their cool outfit photos on Instagram, they're sharing the inspiring ways they embrace a body-positive approach to getting dressed. So it's no surprise that the fearless items they're sharing with us here are equally as inspirational.

See what Who What Wear readers are wearing to feel invincible and then shop the pieces that make them feel their best.

"Although Korea is becoming more and more liberal, sometimes I feel cautious about wearing bright and loud colors. However, I've learned to not care and just wear what makes me feel confident. This red coat is the perfect clothing to make me feel fearless; the bright color makes me stand out, and now I embrace popping out in a crowd. The coat is from Banana Republic and was actually my mom's. She purchased it at least five years ago, and I found it in the back of her closet with all the tags still on it, so I had to get my hands on it" — Angie Kim, Seoul, South Korea

"This denim fringe jacket makes me feel fearless because it's subtle and bold all at once. I love the element of surprise of the fringe on the back, and I feel like it just adds a little kick to any outfit that I wear. The mid-wash blue shade also goes with everything." — Austen Tosone, New York, New York

"My Brixton hat makes me feel elevated and like a woman in charge. I throw it on and instantly my outfit and attitude feel uplifted. I walk out of my door feeling like a boss. I wear it at least once a week when running errands, meeting up with friends, or even out on the town. I'm usually in scrubs during the week, so this is my tried-and-true on weekends." — Naomi Sedani, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania 

"Mainly, I love pieces that catch wind because they make me feel like a superhero. When I'm walking down my own personal concrete runway, I feel unstoppable, like I can take on anything the world has to throw my way. I'm a badass and I'm fearless." — Tiffany M. Battle, New York, New York

"The piece that makes me feel fearless is this striped blazer from Mango (as shown in the photo). As I am starting my own company, every time I wear it I feel like a badass entrepreneur who can conquer the world. I wear it for business meetings and also going to dinner or the movies. I immediately look put together no matter what I have underneath and it allows me to gain the confidence to go after what I want." — Carolina Restrepo, Los Angeles, California

"I love making an entrance everywhere I go. Therefore, my personal style definitely has to stand out too. Wearing high heels and mixing bright bold colors and statement accessories make me feel fearless. The majority of my pants are high-waisted or if I can, I wear them at a higher waist because it makes me feel good." — Cindy Scaramuzza, Dallas, Texas