Florals Are Apparently "Out" for Spring—These Trending Prints Are Trying to Replace Them

Brace yourselves: word on the street is that florals are on their way out this spring. I'll give you a moment to pick yourself up from the floor before we continue. When @databutmakeitfashion uncovered the data deficit claiming that florals had decreased in popularity by 15% in the past month, I was initially shocked. Surely florals are as important to a spring wardrobe as sandals are to a summer one? At least, this is what I had been led to believe.

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There's no denying that those first few weeks of spring fill our wardrobes with new-found energy and a desire to don the joy-sparking items that had been packed away for the winter months, and florals are usually a big part of this. Whilst I'd never go as far as to say that floral prints are out, I can understand that they might not be as prevalent in 2024 as they have been for previous springs. As with all fashion in general, florals are destined to ebb and flow in popularity, and whilst these prints might not fluctuate as much as other trends, they can't always be on the up.

So if you're after something to fill the floral void, we've spotted four key prints that are undeniably having a moment right now. Just as playful, fun and vibrant as any floral, these motifs offer a fresh take on pattern for the spring months. Embraced by the fashion crowd and trickling through to the high street, scroll on to see the four trending prints giving florals a run for their money this spring.



Influencer styles a leopard print coat.

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Style Notes: It's no secret that leopard print is big right now, but I've also noticed that zebra and snakeskin prints are popping up like never before. With a fresh but timeless energy, fashion people are working a little bit of animal print into all of their best outfits this spring.

Influencer styles snake skin boots.

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Influencer wears a zebra print skirt.

(Image credit: @ilanatorbiner)



Influencer wears a dress with a cherry print.

(Image credit: @styledsara)

Style Notes: The chicest way to get your five-a-day. Choose a playful cherry-print dress or opt for a juicy strawberry motif to put a spring 24 twist on your day-to-day styling.

Influencer wears a dress with a strawberry print.

(Image credit: @borislavasekova)

Influencer styles strawberry trousers

(Image credit: @sarah.corbettwinder)



Influencer styles a pink gingham trouser set.

(Image credit: @raissatch)

Style Notes: There's something about gingham that feels inherently light and springlike. Able to bring a fresh wash of colour to an outfit in an easy-to-style way, this print has become a fashion favourite of late. Available in any colour you'd like, this newly trending yet classic print is set to be everywhere this spring.

Influencer wears a gingham top and shorts.

(Image credit: @lucywilliams02)

Influencer wears a pink gingham set and sunglasses.

(Image credit: @dianekari)



Influencers wear striped jumpers with jeans.

(Image credit: @marianne_theodorsen)

Style Notes: Whilst stripes never really go out of style, different variations fall in and out of favour. This season, colourful, vivid strips are the ones to wear. The easiest way to put a smile to your face on an early morning, this playful trend is more of a familiar way to add some colour into your wardrobe.

Influencer styles a colourful striped dress.

(Image credit: @iamzoefoster)

Influencer styles striped trousers

(Image credit: @sasha.mei)


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