I Desperately Want These 15 Items for Spring, But I *Need* These 15

A collage of runway and product images from The Row, Mango, Carven, and Tory Burch.
(Image credit: The Row; Tory Burch; Mango; Carven/Launchmetrics Spotlight; Net-a-Porter)

When you see as many fashion items as I do, it can be tricky to compartmentalize it all in your brain. I probably look at over 500 pieces—from shoes, jewelry, and handbags to skirts, dresses, and jackets—on any given day. That's a lot to keep track of, which is why I've had to create a unique organizational strategy that assists me in classifying everything into designated sections in my head. Of course, I have areas where I store items that would work well for existing stories as well as future ones, and then there's my own personal internal storage unit. It's there that I keep a reserve of wish-list items. And in that space lie two categories: wants and needs.

For spring 2024—the season I'm currently allocating all of my shopping-related attention to—my wants and needs lists feature very different items, some of which I first saw on the runways back in September and others that have popped up since then from more affordable brands like Mango, COS, H&M, and Massimo Dutti. On one end are all of the statement pieces that have caught my eye, from brightly colored jackets and shoes to pieces that feature interesting textures like feathers and leather. On the other, you'll find a slightly more pragmatic selection, including elevated wardrobe essentials like tees and jeans, as well as timeless accessories, from belts to kitten heels. In my opinion, a well-rounded, balanced closet must include a bit from both departments. At least, that's the only way I know how to get dressed in the morning.

Keep scrolling to see which spring items made it onto my needs and wants lists for 2024.

A collage of "needs" including a red Zara top, black Mango heels; The Row, Carven, and Saint Laurent trenches; and Zara top.

(Image credit: Zara; Mango; The Row; Saint Laurent/Launchmetrics Spotlight; Carven/Launchmetrics Spotlight)

The word "need" indicates a certain level of practicality when it comes to fashion purchases and should be taken with a Maldon-size grain of salt. I have a hefty collection of clothes, shoes, and handbags in my closet as it is, so I don't necessarily need anything new at the moment. But if I did, these would be the ones I'd invest in for spring, from the runways and beyond. Think classic kitten heels and easy sneakers, trenches that could and would complete any outfit, and the jeans that every denim collector will be talking about in 2024. Basically, they are to be the backbones of my spring wardrobe. And maybe, just maybe, they'll play the same role in yours.

A collage of "wants" including a Tove skirt, a Tory Burch bag, a Proenza Schouler dress, Prada shoes, an Altuzarra skirt, and a Mango set.

(Image credit: Tove/Launchmetrics Spotlight; Proenza Schouler/Launchmetrics Spotlight; Prada/Launchmetrics Spotlight; Altuzarra/Launchmetrics Spotlight; Mango; Tory Burch)

Wants, on the other hand, are a touch frivolous and extravagant but nonetheless enticing. In my case for spring, they include items like satin square-toe Prada mules in one of the many vibrant shades they were made in (including brown, green, orange, and pink), a feather-trim midi skirt from Tove, a bright-red Proenza Schouler dress that can be worn in two ways (see—wants can be practical too), and a leather pencil-skirt-and-jacket set that's so '90s it hurts (in a good way). My wardrobe will celebrate their arrival, though it would perhaps survive without them. It's really too bad, though, that I'm terrible at resisting urges when it comes to shopping.

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