I've Been a Stylist for Over 24 Years—I'm Redefining My Style With These Items


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Roz Kaur is consistently on our radar for sartorial inspiration. Her sharp eye (she’s been a stylist for over 24 years) and forward style choices make her Instagram account a must-follow. There are a variety of items that she deems staples in her wardrobe. On that note, there are actually a few pieces she’s incorporating more into her looks as she continues to evolve and redefine what her personal style means to her.

"At 56 years old, with over 24 years of experience as a stylist, I’m embracing androgynous and genderless fashion, redefining style with pieces that challenge traditional boundaries,” she said. Below you’ll uncover the pieces in question. You’ll also catch a glimpse at how Kaur is styling the items right now. There are also shopping recommendations sprinkled throughout if you’re interested in adding similar finds to your own wardrobe.

A Camel Coat


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On Kaur: Herskind coat

"I adore the classic camel coat for several reasons. It's a timeless winter essential that effortlessly blends genderless fashion. The warm, neutral hue pairs perfectly with various outfits. Whether I'm going for a casual weekend look with sweatpants or a sophisticated ensemble with a little black dress, the camel coat adds a touch of elegance to my style, making it a versatile and essential piece in my wardrobe." — Kaur

A Suit


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On Kaur: Argent Suit

"There's a reason a classic suit is a timeless wardrobe essential—it can work just as well for a casual yet cool daytime look as it can for dressy nights out. For fall, it's also the perfect fashion foundation for layering; oversized suit options will fit even your chunkiest knitwear smoothly underneath. Even better, the best women's suits are a one-and-done outfit, plus they'll never let you down no matter where you take them. Worn to a party, the office, a dinner, or even fashion week, the suit will help you thrive." — Kaur

Simple Statement Sunglasses


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On Kaur: Gucci sunglasses

"Simple, dark sunglasses are a genderless fashion essential. They make a statement because they transcend traditional gender norms. The timeless design adds strength and subtlety to any outfit, making them a must-have for those embracing genderless fashion. By wearing these shades, you're making a statement that style knows no boundaries." — Kaur

The Waistcoat


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On Kaur: Dorothee Schumacher waistcoat

"I have a deep affection for the waistcoat. Its versatility, blending elements of both masculine and feminine fashion, speaks to my journey in embracing androgynous style. The Y2K nostalgia it carries allows me to fuse past and present, while its layering possibilities provide a canvas for self-expression and a way to challenge traditional boundaries." — Kaur

Leopard Print


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On Kaur: Pepa Pombo suit

"My choice to wear an animal-print suit is about expressing individuality and style rather than conforming to gender norms. It's a statement piece that can be embraced by anyone, regardless of gender, who appreciates its bold and versatile aesthetic. In the realm of androgynous and genderless fashion, such suits are a creative and unrestrictive choice." — Kaur

Double Monk-Strap Shoes


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On Kaur: Hoyden shoes

"I have a strong affinity for double monk-strap shoes. They exude an edgy, androgynous charm that perfectly aligns with my menswear style. Comfort is a key factor, allowing me to move with ease. What truly captivates me is their incredible versatility. These shoes effortlessly enhance both casual and formal attire, making them a staple in my wardrobe." — Kaur 

The Tie


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On Kaur: Prada tie

"I have a deep appreciation for ties in genderless fashion. It's intriguing how, when a woman wears a tie, it can subvert the accessory's traditional professional image. Instead, it creates a remarkably cool and laid-back style statement, particularly when worn without a blazer or suit jacket. They're a symbol of breaking free from norms and embracing a unique style that knows no gender boundaries. Ties are more than just an accessory; they're a statement of self-expression." — Kaur

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