I Am a Budget Shopper, But These Are the 6 Things I Always Splurge On

Despite working in the fashion industry, spending a lot of money on clothes is not something I prioritize as much as some may say that I should. If you read any of my stories on how much I love Zara, it's no secret that the affordable fast-fashion shopping life is for me, and I embrace it fully. However, despite being the budget shopper that I am, there are definitely certain items I am always willing to splurge on, and I'm going to share those items with you today. 

If you're like me and would rather buy a million affordable things than one really nice thing, wrapping your head around spending a bit more than you're comfortable with on one piece can seem daunting, but that's why they're called investment pieces. You're investing your money and a little bit of your heart too… in a good way. All of the pieces in my closet that I saved up for and really thought about are the ones I cherish the most, wear the most, and never get rid of when it comes time for a closet clean-out.

From blazers to leather, ahead, read up on the six fashion splurges that are always worth it to me. Hopefully, after hearing me out, you'll think they're worth it too.





I, like most people, am extra picky with my jeans. What I've noticed over the years is that no matter how many affordable pairs of jeans I throw into my overflowing denim drawer, it's the ones that were truly an investment for me that I keep coming back to. And it makes sense—everything from the fit to the construction to the denim itself is nicer and looks nicer and fits nicer. So for me, spending a little more on denim has proven to always be worth it. Below are a few pairs I love having in my drawer at all times. 


Leather is one of those things that when done badly, can look really bad. Whether I am in the market for real or faux leather, skimping on quality for the price is something I never do in this category. Saving up to buy a really nice leather piece is wise, especially considering if you take care of said piece, you'll have it for years. 


Anyone who knows me knows I love jewelry, particularly fine jewelry. It took a few years, but once I got my fine jewelry collection going, starting with delicate stacking rings and a few really nice gold necklaces, figuring out how to budget for more and more pieces became a priority in my wardrobe. Now, those pieces are ones that I value and cherish more than anything else. My suggestion when buying fine jewelry is to start with pieces you can envision yourself wearing every day. This way, you'll feel like you really are getting the most bang for your buck.


Another thing I can't stop spending money on no matter how many I acquire is blazers. For too many reasons to even get into here, spending money on this clothing item is of the utmost importance to me. Great tailoring on a blazer can make any outfit look 10 times chicer and as someone who wears a blazer two to three times a week, spending a little more on them than normal is a no-brainer.

Ankle Boots

Wearing a good boot is something that will never go unnoticed. When it comes to ankle boots, it's all about the attention to detail including everything from the material to the toe to the heel shape, and splurging on a pair every now and again will have you feeling like a million bucks every time you wear them. 

Cashmere Sweaters

Lastly, something I always spend a little more money than usual on is cashmere sweaters. Living in New York, the quality of my winter wardrobe has become extremely important. Instead of buying a million $50 sweaters that look cute but don't actually keep me warm, I would much rather splurge on a quality cashmere knit that will provide the warmth I need when the winter starts to really test me. 

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