Our Editors Share Their #1 Beauty Splurge That's Actually Worth It

When you find a beauty product you love, it’s very hard to ever let it go—even if that means saving a little extra every month in order to pay for it. Oh, what we do in the name of beauty! While many affordable beauty products do a great job (just take a look at our new skincare line Versed—whose products all clock in under $20), today we’re honing in on the luxurious beauty products that are actually worth the hype (and price tag). I asked my fellow editors to share some of their favorite luxury beauty products that have them hooked. These are products that we'd freak out over if we lost because not only do they have a rather large price tag, they are quite simply amazing. From eye creams to lip balms, scroll below to see the beauty products we splurge on that are actually worth it. 

"Fashion and beauty friends from every corner of the globe had been recommending Augustinus Bader's moisturizer to me, so I wanted to test it out for myself. When I finally tried it a few months ago, I was immediately hooked and quickly figured out what all the hype was about."

"I know $50 for lip balm is insane, but I will never as long as I live stop singing the praises of my holy grail Sisley Phyto Lip Twist, which has the pigment of a lipstick but the hydration of a balm and comes in a stunning variety of hues."

"Are there salicylic acid treatments out there cheaper than Sunday Riley's UFO oil? Sure. But do they have nontoxic formulas, smell like candy (in a good way), look stunning in your bathroom, and harness the power of high-quality plant extracts to effectively keep your skin breakout-free? Leave that to this splurge-worthy green elixir."

"I realize that spending close to $300 on eye cream (a beauty category people are notoriously skeptical of) might seem insane, but this is truly my holy-grail skincare product. Everything from the brand is luxurious and amazing, but this is one of the few eye treatments on the market that actually does what it says it will. I'm haunted by stubborn dark circles, and this multi-tasking serum's pretty opalescent finish instantly diffuses and brightens my under-eyes on even the most worrisome of mornings. (Plus, it's so pretty under makeup!) The formula is inspired by skin volume and line relaxing research and targets fine lines, puffiness, and wrinkles in addition to its dark circle-erasing magic. I'm hooked for life."

"I've found that pretty much anything by Charlotte Tilbury is worth the splurge, but especially their bar of gold highlighters. They just give you such a good glow."

"It took me a while to decide to spend this much on concealer, but I'll never go back now. This blends better than anything I've tried and never feels cakey or heavy. Plus, a single tube has lasted me well over a year and counting."

"Because it's so pricey, I only use this cult serum a couple of times a week, but whenever I do, my skin looks significantly less dull and tired in the morning (I don't get enough sleep, FYI)."

"Up until a year ago, I always used a drugstore cleanser to clean my face, but then I discovered Eve Lom's balm cleanser and I've never looked back. It's the most luxurious, amazing-smelling cleanser that literally leaves my face glowing. I love the muslin cloth it comes with, which makes the cleansing process make it feel like a mini facial. While $80 is very pricey for a cleanser, this one is worth every drop."

"This is by far the most expensive beauty product I own, but I fully intend to keep repurchasing it for years to come. I notice a big difference when I wear it, and I usually have a really hard time seeing the visible effects of most beauty products I try. It makes me look more awake and rested, and I feel like my face has frozen in time since I started using it."  

"The hype is real, my friends. There's a reason this luxurious face cream is often referred to as legendary, and it's all thanks to the specially formulated Miracle Broth, which makes La Mer's signature product one of the most effective moisturizers I've ever tried for everything from smoothing and plumping to even calming my redness and occasional breakouts."

"This Tatcha moisturizer makes me look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. It's hydrating without feeling heavy at all, which is the perfect balance for my oily skin."

"I love this pretty floral scent from Byredo. It's definitely a splurge, so I reserve it for special nights out."

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