I'm a Picky Shopper, and This Is What I'd Buy From the Sales Right Now

I know what you're thinking: OMG, Nicole. Thank you so much. You've made sale shopping so much easier for us, you selfless angel. What did we do to deserve you? But before you go on (in your head), I'm going to have to stop you because the truth is I did this for myself.

It's true! I'm no angel; I just wanted an excuse to stop procrastinating and finally scan all the sales, and in the process, I found more than fits in my cart, budget, or closet—38 items to be exact—and each and every one of them is seriously wish list–worthy. From jackets and bags to sweaters, jeans, boots, and sneakers, below, you'll find what I consider to be the very best of the many, many marked-down items right now, at every price point. To see and shop all my finds, just keep scrolling.

I actually had this before it was on sale, which is how you know I really like it.

The fashion set is obsessed with these, and it's pretty obvious why.

When people ask me for help finding going-out tops for cold weather, I show them this.

Everyone needs some version of this Cult Gaia knit dress in their wardrobe.

You bet I'm snatching this up.